Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office provides support, guidance, prevention, intervention, and referral services to the college community. The Office is committed to providing a safe learning and work environment for our community. We assist community members in understanding and adhering to College policies, procedures and codes of conduct. 

With the transition to remote learning, the Dean of Students Office would like to reinforce that rules, code of conduct, and behavioral expectations for on-campus learning apply to the remote learning environment as well. Any concerns about inappropriate or threatening statements, actions, and behaviors can be reported and adjudicated in the same manner as on-campus infractions.  The difference will be that what might have been handled in a face-to-face appointment will be dealt with via e-mail, phone or a virtual conference. Instructors will continue to address inappropriate, concerning, or disruptive behavior early on, and maintain necessary documentation. 

The core functions of the Dean of Students Office include:

As always, Counseling Services is available to consult with faculty on challenges and to help brainstorm solutions.  The department has added additional and specific resources related to our remote learning environment and the impact from COVID-19.