Employee Dues Memberships & Subscriptions Regulation




Responsible Administrator: Controller

Location of Related Procedures: Office of the Controller

This policy is designed to ensure the proper use of District funds in relation to memberships, dues, and subscriptions. Subscriptions held by the library or other units that are primarily used by students are not governed by this policy.


  1. Employee’s memberships, dues, and subscriptions may be paid with District funds provided they are required for the individual’s position and duties, for example as outlined in a position description or accreditation.
  2. Budget managers have the authority to determine if additional memberships or subscriptions are allowed, as long as the payment is justified as beneficial to the College and funding is available.
  3. District funds cannot be used for:
    1. Payment to an organization which primarily functions as a lobbying group
    2. Private club memberships, such as country clubs or social/dining clubs

Before paying for dues, memberships or subscriptions, employees must ensure they are doing so in a cost effective manner, by:

  1. Ensuring that the college does not already hold a college-level membership to that organization. Employees should contact the organization and ask if the college holds a membership.
  2. Ensuring that the library does not already hold a subscription that can be accessed by the employee before subscribing to any publication or periodical. Employees should contact the library to inquire about subscriptions (608.246.6640 – as of November 2016)
  3. Coordinating dues, memberships, and subscriptions within departments.

Use of Federal Funds:
Dues, memberships, and subscriptions for Federal grants and other Federal programs must follow uniform guidance § 200.454 Memberships, subscriptions, and professional activity costs, which as of November 2016 stated:

  1. Costs of the non-Federal entity’s membership in business, technical, and professional organizations are allowable.
  2. Costs of the non-Federal entity’s subscriptions to business, professional, and technical periodicals are allowable.
  3. Costs of membership in any civic or community organization are allowable with prior approval by the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity.
  4. Costs of membership in any country club or social or dining club or organization are unallowable.
  5. Costs of membership in organizations whose primary purpose is lobbying are unallowable. See also §200.450 Lobbying.

Any dues, memberships, or subscriptions should be entered into Workday using the Dues/Fees/Subscriptions spend category. This will map to ledger account 5213:Dues/Memberships/Subscriptions.

September 2017