VIEW GRADES. Final course grades are due within five days of the last day of the class. You can view your grades in myMadisonCollege under "Academic Record." You can also see posted grades on your transcripts, official and unofficial.

TRANSCRIPTS. Learn how to get a record of your Madison College grades.

Repeated courses. If you repeat a course, we use the highest grade you received to calculate your GPA. The unused course displays the following note on your transcript: "Repeated-Excluded from GPA." Financial Aid may not pay for repeated courses.  

GPA requirement. You may be put on academic probation if your semester or cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, which is a C average. You should see an academic advisor if you think this may happen.


Your final course grades are given a point value to determine grade point average (GPA):

  • A: 4 points
  • AB: 3.5 points
  • B: 3 points
  • BC: 2.5 points
  • C: 2 points
  • D: 1 point
  • F: 0 points
  • I: Incomplete
  • W: Withdrawal
  • WNA: Withdrawal, not attended
  • AU: Audit
  • S: Satisfactory
  • U: Unsatisfactory
  • CR: Credit - Pass
  • NCR: No Credit Earned
  • P: Pass (basic education courses)
  • NG: Not graded (community service courses)

You can calculate your GPA with these simple steps:

  1. For each class, multiply credits by grade points. (ie, an "A" in a 4-credit class is 16 grade points. A "B" in a 4-credit class is 12 grade points.)
  2. Total all grade points for all classes. (16 + 12 = 28)
  3. Divide total grade points by total credits. (28 / 8 = 3.5) 
  4. OR, you can let our GPA calculator (PDF, 453KB) to do the work for you.

Transfer credit and other credit from prior learning is not included in your cumulative or program GPA. 

Dean's List

Making the Dean's List means you are in a program and have earned at least a 3.50 GPA in a minimum of 6 completed credits. You will receive an Honors letter when this occurs.

Honors awarded are based on each semester's grade point average and are indicated on your transcript.

  • Perfect honors:  4.0 GPA
  • High honors: 3.75 – 3.99 GPA
  • Honors: 3.50 – 3.74 GPA

If you like, we can publish a notice of honors in your local paper. Simply complete the News Release Form.



Only instructors can award an incomplete grade. These are the requirements:

  • The class is a degree-credit class.
    • Students with clinicals or labs left to complete do not qualify for a grade of Incomplete and must retake the class.
  • You are currently passing the class (C or better).
  • There is a substantial reason you cannot complete course work due in the last one-fourth of the course.
  • You and the instructor have completed the Incomplete Request Form (PDF, 69KB). 
  • You must complete all assignments, quizzes or tests before the end of the next semester. This excludes summer.

The instructor must turn in the form and issue the appropriate grade ("I") at the end of the semester.

Once all remaining course work is turned in, the instructor must change the "I" to the earned final grade. If you don't turn in your work before the end of the next semester, the "I" will automatically become an "F."

Impact on GPA

Courses with "I" grades are not included in semester or cumulative GPA calculations. They are omitted from attempted and earned credit counts as well. The "I" grade will appear on your record and transcripts until it is resolved.

Grade Disputes

All grade disputes begin with your instructor. To discuss the process in detail, you may contact our Counseling Services office.

allowable dispute reasons

  • The grade was issued in error. You must be able to demonstrate a calculation error, missing information or grade entry mistakes.
  • The grade was issued arbitrarily. You must be able to show the grade lacked a reasonable basis.
  • You have documentation that you received a lower grade than another student whose work was at the same level as yours.

To dispute a grade, contact the following individuals:

1. Instructor

Contact your instructor in writing or in person, indicating the reason you are disputing the grade. Contact deadlines:

  • Fall term - February 15
  • Spring term - July 31
  • Summer/Interim - September 30

Most disputes can be resolved through a courteous and rational discussion. If the instructor agrees with you, they will change the grade. If the instructor does not agree with you, they will email your college account or send written notice to your mailing address.

2. Program Dean

If you do not agree with your instructor's decision or if you cannot reach your instructor, you may appeal to your program dean. Contact deadlines:

  • Fall term - March 1
  • Spring term - August 31
  • Summer/Interim - October 31

Provide written documentation that you could not reach the instructor despite reasonable efforts or that your instructor decided not to change your grade. Be sure to include dates and times of attempted contacts, printed emails, etc.

You may be asked to meet with the dean and the instructor to resolve the dispute. You are allowed one support person in such meetings, but they are not allowed to speak, mediate or advocate for you.

The dean will complete the review within 10 business days of receiving the appeal.

You will be notified of the dean's decision within five business days of the review.

3. Academic Appeals Board

You have a final opportunity to appeal your final grade should you disagree with the decision made by the dean. You may contact the Provost’s office to request a hearing of the Academic Appeals Board. The instructor has the same right. Contact deadlines:

  • Fall term – March 31
  • Spring term – September 30
  • Summer/Interim – November 30

Provide written documentation of:

  • Your instructor’s refusal to change your grade (or that you were unable to contact him/her).
  • The dean’s refusal to change your grade.
  • Your reason for disputing the grade.
  • What you believe the correct final grade to be.

The Provost’s office will schedule a hearing within 10 days of receiving your request. During the hearing, you are allowed to have one support person with you, but they are not allowed to speak, mediate or advocate for you.

The Academic Appeals Board will inform all parties of their decision within five business days of the hearing. The decisions of the Academic Appeals Board are final.