Lockers are available to students at many Madison College campuses. Locker use policies vary from campuses to campus. Policies for the Truax and Downtown campuses are outlined below. To learn about locker availability and policies at other campuses, please visit your campus office.

Truax Lockers

Students have free use of lockers at the Truax campus. MATC does not provide locks, but students may purchase them at the Madison College Bookstore or other retail outlets. To reserve a locker, simply find a locker near your classes and place a lock on it. Then come to the Student Life Office in Room B1260, inform front desk staff which locker you would like reserved.

Lockers are cleaned out annually for safety and health reasons. The deadline for removing your belongings from your locker is the Friday of finals week during the spring semester.

Your cooperation in removing your belongings helps ensure that we can continue to offer free locker space. Students who fail to remove items from their lockers may be subject to fines. 

If you have problems with your locker throughout the year, contact Student Life in Room B1260 at the Truax Campus. Madison College is not responsible for items stolen or missing from lockers.

Downtown Lockers

Lockers at the Downtown Education Center are available for free reservation by students enrolled in the current academic term.  To reserve a locker, students must present a photo ID to the Student Life Office in Room D105.  Locker reservations must be renewed each semester or your contents will be removed and discarded.

All Downtown lockers are equipped with a combination padlock. Students will receive the combination at the time they make the reservation.

Locker Agreement

By reserving a locker at the Truax or Downtown Campus, students agree to follow these rules:

  • The locker is the property of Madison Area Technical College District. The District Board or designee(s) reserves the right to inspect the locker at any time, for any reason. 
  • Madison College is not responsible for the loss or security of locker contents or any unclaimed items removed from a locker.
  • Lockers are available for reservation by staff, instructors or students who are registered for and actively attending the current academic term.
  • Individuals are responsible for the security of the contents of their assigned locker.
  • Damaging, defacing or altering a lock/locker may result in fines.  The District Board or designee(s) also reserve the right to assess any costs including but not limited to loss of Madison College locks or any marks made by tape, glue, markers, pens, etc.
  • Individuals shall NOT use the assigned locker to contain narcotics or illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, dangerous or flammable chemicals, etc.
  • All lockers must be cleaned out (with the Madison College lock remaining on at Downtown) and all items removed on or before the last day of final exam week for the academic term for which the locker is reserved.  Any contents remaining after this date will be considered abandoned and will become property of Madison College. 
  • Madison College may assess a charge for removing contents of any unclean lockers.