Yahara Literary Journal

The Yahara Journal is Madison College's student-produced fine arts and literary journal. The publication consists entirely of poetry, prose and artwork created by MATC students. The Yahara Journal student organization is also a driving force behind many events around the campuses related to writing and art. The Yahara Journal sponsors poetry readings, art shows, contests and more, all in hopes of inspiring  students to enjoy literature and art and to create their own masterpieces.

How to submit your work

Writers and artists can submit their work to the Yahara Journal using our online submission form. All work will be considered for publication in our annual journal, which is published at the end of the spring semester.

1994 Yahara Journal Cover

The Yahara Journal started out as a newspaper pullout published on March 15, 1994. Sponsored by the student newspaper, the S.L.A.N.T., the eight page collection of artwork, poetry and prose was called "Title Unknown." The editor-in-chief, Robb Westby, left the publication untitled, asking the readers to determine a name.

On April 25, 1995, a second newspaper pullout titled "The Yahara Journal" was published by the S.L.A.N.T.’s successor, The Clarion. In 1996, however, the Yahara Journal broke away from the newspaper and was published as a staple-bound booklet under the advisory of Karen Faster and John Galligan. 

Some of the biggest changes for the Yahara Journal occurred in 2001, when the publication transformed from a product of creative writing classes to a collaborative creation of a student organization. Rather than relying on students in specific classes to write and edit the content, the staff editors accepted pieces from all interested students. Also in 2001, the Yahara Journal lost its staples and was published as a perfect-bound paperback book for the first time. 

By 2002, the small student organization expanded beyond the publication of our little book and began holding events to promote writing and the visual arts. On September 17, 2003, the Yahara Journal adopted the following mission statement to guide the growth of the organization:

The Yahara Journal will support learning and creativity at Madison College through the publication of a print journal and the sponsorship of events and activities that facilitate growth in writing and visual arts.

How to join

If you would like to be a part of the Yahara Journal staff, please fill out our interest form and request membership at our page on The LINK. Any student enrolled in at least one credit may become a staff member. 

If you would like more information about the Yahara Journal and its staff, send your questions to yaharajournal@madisoncollege.edu, or stop by one of our meetings. 

Meetings take place every Tuesday during the school year at 4 p.m. in Truax Room B1260.


Writing and Artwork Contests

The Yahara Journal holds a variety of contests throughout the school year. Deadlines are typically early in December and mid-March. First-place winners receive $50 and their work is considered a submission for publication in the Yahara Journal. For more information about our contests and entry details, see the online submission form. 

Scary Story and Artwork Contest

Celebrate Halloween by entering the Yahara Journal's Scary Story and Artwork Contest. First-place winners receive $25 and select entries are included in a chapbook to be handed out at our Halloween celebration.

Bad Love Poem Contest

Have you ever written a love poem that now seems kind of silly ... even embarrassing. We know the feeling. So we decided to do a tribute to these long-forgotten stanzas for Valentine's Day. Use our online entry form to send us your sappiest, silliest, most embarrassing love poems. We'll draw three submissions at random to be our contest winners and will award each winner a $25 gift card and a box of chocolates.


2016 Spring Writing Contest Winners

1st place – "El Puente (The Bridge)," Kellen Lapp
2nd place – "Broken Glass," Vic Gear
3rd place – "It Takes a Lot of Practice to be a Ghost," Ali Abercrombie

1st place – "Road to the Pueblo," Angela Ramos
2nd place – "Conservation of Angular Momentum of the Human," Elliott Puckette
3rd place – "Where I'm From," Russell Roman

2015 Fall Contest Winners

1st place – "Ursula's Rhyme," Carrie Puckette
2nd place – "Vampire Girl," Bryan Simpson
3rd place – "The Trekker and the Pocketwatch," Vic Gear

1st place – "Fraught Mail Delivery," Alessandra Gaglio
2nd place – "FDRs 1st," Jolie Vale
3rd place – "Manic Merry Go 'Round," Mary Autumn Battaglia

1st place – "Yunan Scenery" Dian Yao
2nd place – "Release the Monkeys," Michael Edwards
3rd place – "Still Life," Dian Yao

2015 Spring Contest Winners

1st place – William Scheider

1st place – Bryan Simpson

1st place – Kristina Karlen

2014 Fall Contest Winners

1st place – Kayla Wilson, "Nots"
2nd place – Mitch Gundrum, "The Question"
3rd place – Anna Richter, "The Only"

1st place – Matt Reines, "Exhaust"
2nd place – Bryan Simpson, "The House"
3rd place – Eric Anderson-Momou, "The Settlers"

1st place – Mike Edwards, "Pewit's Nest" (Ink, Watercolor, Colored Pencil)

2014 Spring Contest Winners

1st place – Gisela Alt, "Bound"
2nd place – Sarah Weston, "Peter Pan in Hyde Park"
3rd place – Teal Row, "Grandmother Willow"

1st place – KC Phillips, "Slave to his Work"
2nd place – Rand Bennett, "The Visitor"
3rd place – Samuel Carlson, "Always With Me"

1st place – Hannah Goldberg, "Masked" (Oil Paint)
2nd place – Goldie Bennett, "Daniel III" (Acrylic Paint, Colored Pencil)
3rd place – Alek Schroeder, "Krakenhaus" (Clay, Gray DSM Stoneware)

2013 Fall Contest Winners

1st place – Misian Taylor, "Elephant in My Mouth"
2nd place – Judy Brickner, "Willard"
3rd place – Maria Guadalupe Avina-Hernandez, "Bitter Sea"

1st place – Candis Klaila, "Tooth"
2nd place – Madeline Polzer, "Mother Wolf"
3rd place – Gretchen Chan, "Talk Story"

1st place – Josh Zytkiewicz, "Emily in Cocoa," (Photography)

2013 Spring Contest Winners

1st place – Judy Brickner, "Dominion of the Planet"
2nd place – Anthony Anderson, "Cassette Tape"
3rd place – Mitchel Gundrum, "A Simple Correspondence"

1st place – Andrew N. Thomas, "Silver City"
2nd place – Mandy S. Hunter, "A Chance at the Sun"
3rd place – Candis Klaila, "A Proper Prescription of Light and Vision"

1st place – Jack Suda, "Still Life," (Pencil)
2nd place – Peter Faecke, "Untitled," (Oil Paint)
3rd place – Pete Sandker, "It's Getting Late," (Watercolor)

2012 Fall Contest Winners

1st place – Misian Taylor, "About My Mother & Storms"
2nd place – Teal Rowe, "Working for Rachael"
3rd place – Christa Parmentier, "Milwaukee"

1st place – Alyssa Lovely, "The Cottonwood Tree"
2nd place – Rhea Lyons, "The Cocky Jocky"
3rd place – Mathew R. Johnson, "Markets of Bagram"

1st place – Callie Strouf, "Listen Up," (Photography)
2nd place – Timothy Mulligan, "Tear Drop," (Etched Metal)
3rd place – Jamee Peil, "Pewitt Reflects," (Photography)

2011 Fall Contest Winners

1st place – Lindsay Frost, "For Plato"
2nd place – Andy Staplin, "23 Ways to Die"
3rd place – Spencer Hudson, "My Motive"
Honorable Mention – Misian Searles, "Untitled" 

1st place – Elizabeth Arant, "The Panda"
2nd place – Kurt Zock, "Date Unknown"
3rd place – Aiden Nienajadlo, "Worker Bees Go On Strike" 

1st place – Ryan Cain, "Idiopathy," (Pen, Marker, Graphite, Ink)
2nd place – Phil Ejercito, "Glass," (Color Photography)

2011 Spring Contest Winners

1st place – Alaraya Holmberg, "Moonlight Memories and French Fries"
2nd place – Jessie HarlaQuinn, "This is for Real"

1st place – Charles Jenstead, "Lionel Bernstein"
2nd place – Milo Schorr, "The Gatekeepers"

1st place – Bess Selje, "Tied To"
2nd place – Thor Bussewitz, "Untitled"
3rd place – Katrina Taloza, "Banned"

2010 Fall Contest Winners

1st place – Misian Searles, "love advice from a unicyclist"
2nd place – Lindsay Frost, "Theseus"
3rd place – Noah Preuss-Green, "Winter Sonnet"

1st place – Andy Staplin, "Boredom Burns Green"
2nd place – Benjamin Seipel, "False Idol"

1st place – Katrina Taloza, "Banned"
2nd place – Stephanie Casey, "Skylights"
3rd place – Jenna V. Richardson, "Untitled"