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Hours may vary by location. Please call a campus for more information.

Transfer Checklist

Why use a transfer checklist? Because the transfer process requires specific steps here at Madison College and at your intended school. The transfer checklist is a tool to assist you in your transfer planning.

Any Madison College student who hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree is encouraged to use the transfer checklist, which is divided into three parts so you can find the next transfer step that fits your current student status. Are you new to college? Review the transfer process from the beginning in Prepare to Transfer. If you’ve completed at least a semester of college, you can start to Explore Where to Transfer. Take Action to Transfer is an excellent summary for every Madison College student who is ready to transfer out to a four-year college or university.

NOTE: You may have already completed some of the steps in the checklist, so pick up where you are and continue through the process.

In addition to the transfer checklist, Madison College provides you with a variety of tools and resources to support your transfer process. Check out transfer workshops and online transfer resources. Be sure you work with your program advisor every semester to select your courses and review your transfer requirements to meet your unique goals.

Here’s a quick look at what you can accomplish in each of the three phases of the transfer checklist.

  • Prepare to Transfer

    (Approx. 0-15 credits)

    If you’ve decided you’d like to earn a bachelor’s degree, Prepare to Transfer will introduce you to the transfer process and your first steps. This section is intended for students who have completed 0-15 college credits to lay the foundation for future transfer planning. You don’t need to know where you’d like to transfer or even your future major to use this information. You just need to have set your sights on a bachelor’s degree—or even higher.

  • Explore Where to Transfer

    (Approx. 16-30 credits)

    If you have earned between 16-30 college credits, Explore Where to Transfer will take you further into the transfer process. Learn more about finding a college that’s the right fit for you with the major and degree program that will support your career goals. You’ll also discover all the transfer resources available for Madison College students. The Explore phase is also when you need to meet with a transfer advisor to decide if you wish to sign the UW Madison Guaranteed Transfer Contract.

  • Take Action to Transfer

    (Approx. 31-64 credits)

    Take Action to Transfer is for students who are finishing up at Madison College and preparing to transfer at the end of the current or next semester. Your transfer steps include: completing an application, writing your personal statement, and submitting your official transcripts. This is also when you need to decide if you’ll complete the liberal arts transfer program before transferring, and how to handle your transfer under the UW Madison Guaranteed Transfer Contract or another articulation agreement.