Thank you for your many years of service to Madison College. To honor your commitment to the college, we invite you to apply for emeritus status. Please read the information below before filling out the application.

Purpose of Emeritus Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish a process that affords retired faculty the opportunity to leverage the college brand and former title in writing, speaking, teaching and other academic-related pursuits.

Responsibility of Recipients of Emeritus Status

Emeritus faculty are expected to represent and support the college to the community and professional colleagues in a positive manner, and in pursuits that are aligned with the mission, vision and values of Madison College.

Emeritus faculty may provide support to Madison College through volunteer services in areas such as:

  1. Mentoring of students and/or faculty
  2. Volunteering with students and faculty
  3. Participating in Foundation activities
  4. Guest lecturing
  5. Serving on advisory committees
  6. Planning events

Emeritus Status

Faculty granted emeritus status may use the title "Faculty Emeritus, Madison College" in writing, speaking, teaching and other academic-related pursuits.

In addition, emeritus faculty are eligible for the opportunities available to all Madison College retirees, including the option to retain a college email address, participate in public Madison College ceremonies and academic functions, serve as an ambassador for the college at events within the college or at-large in the community, and stay abreast of college news and information through Matters.


  • Must be retired faculty. (Note: The President has the opportunity to award emeritus status to retiring academic leaders.)
  • Have served at least 10 years at the college.
  • Have demonstrated excellence in a well-rounded set of professional responsibilities at the college. Those responsibilities may include teaching, scholarship, student development, committee work, advising, co-curricular activities and community involvement.
  • Continue to pursue lifelong learning, writing, speaking, teaching, and other civic- and academic-related pursuits, connect with the Madison College community and otherwise support the ongoing mission of the college.

Posthumous awards will also be considered.


  1. Emeritus candidates will complete the emeritus application. Please see the application tab. Click submit when the application is completed.
  2. The application will be forwarded to the appropriate dean who will review it and, if approved, will forward it to the provost and president.
  3. The provost and president will review the applications and send a formal letter to those who have been recognized as emeritus faculty.

Faculty are welcome to apply for emeritus status at any time. Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year with a deadline of April 15. Decisions on emeritus status will be made by May 15 of each year.

Discontinuance of Emeritus Status

Emeritus faculty can request to discontinue emeritus status at any time. The college also reserved the right to rescind emeritus status when it is is in the best interests of the college.

Denial of Application and Review

Should the dean deny the candidate's application, a rationale will be provided. If desired, the retired faculty may request an application review by the provost.


Please provide the following information requested in the form (asterisks on form indicate required fields). 

Apply for Emeritus Status

If you have any questions, please contact