It starts with listening to Black members of our community.

Listening can lead to understanding. And honesty. And empathy.

And action.

That is how we demonstrate that we value the lives and experiences of every person of color.

That is how we demonstrate a commitment to Black students and students of color who have been subject to overt and passive forms of racism.

That is how we create the safe space built on equity and inclusiveness that we are all committed to.

We challenge everybody in the Madison College community to look inward, to reflect, to be honest, to acknowledge bias and white privilege.

And to listen

A Message of Acknowledgement and Hope
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The Madison College District Board of Trustees approved a resolution denouncing systematic racism (PDF) in all forms and affirms a college-wide commitment to Black students and students of color. If you have any trouble accessing this PDF please contact

It is not enough to be non-racist.

We must be firmly anti-racist.

Let’s stand together to understand, confront and stop racism.


Black Lives Matter