Mission, Vision, Values

These are the statements we live and work by.

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Madison College provides our diverse communities open access to quality higher education that fosters student lifelong learning and success. 


To be the leader in accessible, affordable education that is responsive to the evolving needs of our diverse communities. 


  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Belonging
  • Integrity

Our Priorities


Strategic Plans

Take a look at our big picture plan to impact our community.

Equity and Inclusion

We strive to make Madison College a diverse and welcoming place for everyone. 

Commitment to Students and Diverse Communities

That’s one of our core values that we live and work by at Madison College.

A Great Place to Work and Teach

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Web Accessibility

We're committed to meeting ADA standards.

100 Years of Educational Excellence 



Old Timey Photo of Brick Building

1912-1921 We opened our doors as the Madison Continuation School. Teens and adults attended to learn new job skills. In 1921, we moved into a new space downtown as the Madison Vocational School.

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1930-1960 Madison College begins to add health and college transfer programs. The college becomes part of the Wisconsin Technical College System as Madison Area Technical College, incorporating four regional campuses.  

Teacher and a typing student

1970s The college builds a comprehensive campus at Truax Field. The Truax Campus continues to expand college transfer and career training options.  

black and white group photo infront of south campus

2016 The South Campus Initiative begins, resulting in donations and support leading to the opening of Goodman South Campus. The new campus opens in the heart of Madison’s most diverse and underserved community.  

President Daniels shaking a student's hand at graduation

Past, present, or future. Madison College will be here for you. 

Governance and Leadership 

The college is led by President Jack E. Daniels, III. The president works in partnership with the District Board of Trustees, who represent district-wide community interests.  

Several college policies are developed through Shared Governance, a body of staff and faculty who represent the interests of the entire college community.  

Governance and Leadership

Our Leadership to Date Since 1912

  • Director A.W. Siemers: 1912 – 1922 
  • Director Paul Graven: 1922 – 1925
  • Director Alexander P. Graham: 1925 – 1947
  • Director R.W. Bardwell: 1948 – 1960
  • Director Norman P. Mitby: 1960 – 1988
  • President Beverly S. Simone: 1988 – 2003
  • President Bettsey L. Barhorst: 2005 – 2013
  • President Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III: 2013 – present 

Public Information and Services 

You have the right to know about your community college. Our policies and guidelines consider the well-being of everyone.


We’re accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.  

Financial Support

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Public Record

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Privacy and Communication

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Keeping our college free of discrimination and harassment.

Health and Safety

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