This is it: the whole reason we’re here. Getting the proof that you bring valuable knowledge to an employer – and the world. That you’re curious and willing to learn. And that you know how to work hard to achieve a goal.

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Associate Degree

Choose your path! Some programs offer a technical diploma after the first year. Others set you up to transfer and get a bachelor’s degree.

Technical Diploma

At full time, this is a one-year program. But many technical diplomas give you the flexibility of attending school part time.


Changing careers? The quickest way to gain knowledge and skills in a specific area is a certificate. Employers love these!


Want to earn while you learn? Apprenticeships combine classroom learning with on-the-job training. Find a sponsor and get paid for both.

Not ready to tackle a degree? Career Pathways stack up!

There are lots of reasons why you might not want to go for your degree all at once. But what if you could break it down into “doable chunks”? You can! Follow a Career Pathway to get your degree step by step – certificate, technical diploma, degree – building skills and a career along the way.

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Digital Badges

The Quickest Credential Ever

Madison College awards Digital Badges for credit and noncredit courses. Put them on a resume or talk them up to employers. They’re a great way to showcase skills within and beyond your degree.

Madison College Badges

All Madison College badges can be found here.

Skill Development Badges

Skill Development Badges can be earned within credit courses, noncredit courses and business/industry contracted courses at Madison College.

Refer to program pages to see which programs include digital badges.

Core Workforce Skills Badges

Gain essential skills you need to get a job.

Noncredit Badges

Digital badges can be earned for many of our professional development courses and certificates.

Articulation Badges

Some of our digital badges have been articulated to credit. Turn in your Articulation Badge to Admissions to apply credit to your transcript.

Contact for more information about digital credentials.