Committed to a safe learning environment

At Madison College we believe that the best learning settings are both safe and welcoming.

That’s why we offer an array of services designed to promote safe environments and safe behaviors on campus and off.

students walking inside Truax campus
public safety officers on bicycle patrol

Public Safety

Madison College Public Safety Services operates 24-7 and our campus safety officers work closely with the City of Madison Police and Wisconsin State Capitol Police as well as law enforcement in other jurisdictions as appropriate.

Officers are available by calling 608.245.2222

Some of the duties of our public safety officers include:

  • Responding to incidents on campus
  • WolfPack Alert Emergency Notifications
  • Personal Escorts
  • Upon request, a uniformed patrol officer will escort you to your car or classroom on campus.
  • Medical assistance to sick or injured students, staff or visitors
  • Vehicle unlocks and jumpstarts
  • Routine patrols of all campus owned and leased facilities
  • Maintaining a lost and found repository

Personal Safety and Wellness

Promoting healthy behaviors and well-being are critical parts of personal safety that we take very seriously at Madison Colleges. We offer a wealth of services, programs and facilities designed to keep you well while you are with us.

They include:

  • A student health clinic operated by Group Health Cooperative available to all students enrolled in a college-level degree credit class.
  • Dental and optometric services are also available to students on campus.
  • Counseling Services are available to help support students’ mental health and well-being.
  • Students needing assistance in working through alcohol or drug dependencies can access an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program. All assistance through this program can be done anonymously and are kept confidential within legal guidelines.