MYTH: Scholarships are just for elite athletes and 4.0 students

Most people associate scholarships with elite athletes going to big universities. The truth is that there are many scholarships available to students who don’t play sports and who didn’t graduate at the top of their high school class

FACT: All students should look at the available scholarships at Madison College and consider applying.

The Madison College Foundation has distributed $20 million in support to more than 45,000 students



The Madison College Foundation has distributed $20 million in support to more than 45,000 students!

Finding and applying for scholarships

Scholarships are available through the Madison College Foundation as well as through external sources. These awards help with tuition costs and—unlike a student loan—don’t need to be repaid.

Madison College Foundation Scholarships

The Madison College Foundation is the home for scholarships specifically for Madison College students. They make it easy to apply for a pool of scholarships with one application.

A few things to keep in mind before you start the application process:

  • Applications are open twice a year. Visit the Madison College Foundation website for current deadlines.
  • You must be taking at least 6 credits.
  • You must be accepted into a program at Madison College.
  • You must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • You must upload a letter of recommendation.
  • You must upload your college or high school transcript.

Check out a list of 50 scholarships offered through the Madison College Foundation at

External Scholarships

External scholarships are not specific to Madison College and can be a great way to help offset your cost of attending school.

Application Process

  1. You must apply directly to the source of external scholarships.
  2. If awarded a scholarship and a FAFSA has been completed, you must notify the Financial Aid Office at of your award.
  3. The scholarship provider must mail the check to the Madison College, PO Box 7906, Madison, WI 53707 along with your information to put it in the correct account.
  4. If the check is made out to you and Madison College, you must endorse it in the Truax Payment Center.
  5. The scholarship is disbursed after the Pell recalculation date and will go to your student account to pay towards any remaining balances.
  6. If the scholarship is more than the amount you owe to the college, you will receive a refund.

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Special Scholarships

Scholars of Promise

The Scholars of Promise program provides low-income, graduating high school students from the Madison College District an opportunity to access a college education without worrying about how to pay for it.

Learn more about Scholars of Promise

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Scholarships are just one way to help pay for college. Learn more about the full range of financial aid offerings.

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