Each year, students in Madison College's Construction and Remodeling program gain real-world, hands-on experience building sheds and tiny homes. These affordable, high-quality homes and sheds are available to the public for purchase.

For more information about purchasing a shed, contact John Stephany at Stephany@madisoncollege.edu.

  • Sheds

    Our 7' x 9' or 8' x 10' student-built sheds cost $2000 to $2200 depending on exterior finishes. They include a 4-foot door opening and a small window. They feature a gable roof.

    The cost of the sheds covers only the materials used to build them. We do not charge for the labor involved. Delivery in the greater Madison area is available for an additional $100 fee.  We usually deliver completed sheds in the late spring.

    A $200 down payment is required.

    For more information about purchasing a shed, contact Stephany@madisoncollege.edu.

  • Tiny Home

    You can buy a well-crafted, energy-efficient home at an affordable price. Built by students under the direction of four master carpenters, these homes feature:

    • 350 - 700 square feet of space
    • One bedroom, a kitchen/dining area, living room and bath
    • Our super energy efficient homes are net-zero ready. With the addition of solar panels, these homes can produce as much energy as they use.
    • Open floor plan
    • Sustainable building methods
    • Single-story, "age-in-place" design

    Once  the students are finished working on the house,  the house will be ready for you to transport to your land somewhere in Wisconsin. 

    The cost ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 depending on the features and materials you select.

    What do you need: land ready to be built on and financial ability to pay for the building when its complete. The building comes as is and you can finish it with your local contractor. Students do not come to the site. 

    Once you are ready, you can reach out for more information about purchasing a home, contact Eric Donovan at EJDonovan@madisoncollege.edu.

  • Tiny Homes FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Madison College Construction and Remodeling Program
    Tiny Homes Purchasing


    Q: Are the tiny homes you build for sale?
    A: Yes, they are. We build one, or maybe two, a year and sell them for the cost of the materials. We build them here at Madison College, and they can be moved almost anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.

    Q: How much do they cost?
    A: It depends on the design, size and the materials chosen. So far, they have ranged in price from $30K to $70K. The price reflects the cost of the materials, subcontracted labor and a small fee that covers incidentals and overhead. The students are learning to build a home and we do not charge for their labor. The college does not profit from these but must break even in order to sustain this important hands-on learning opportunity.  

    You will be responsible for the costs of moving it and finishing it on your end, which will include things like foundations, electrical work, plumbing and tile. Historically, we’ve seen these costs end up somewhere around $80K to $130K, without the land. Keep in mind that these are estimates and your costs may vary.

    Q: What kind of property do I need?
    A: Whether you already own land or are just looking to purchase it, you should check with the local municipality to see if they allow tiny homes. Every municipality has different rules governing minimum home size, building setbacks and minimum lot size requirements. Rural municipalities may require an acceptable perc test in order to build. Some cities, but not all, allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to be put in backyards of existing homes. Wherever your property is, find out the rules and how they apply to your property. 

    Also, the house has to be able to get to the spot where you’d like it. If the lot is super steep or hard to get to by truck and trailer, it most likely won’t work. A tractor/trailer/semi and heavy crane need to be able to get to the spot to maneuver the house into place. All of our homes have been moved and placed by Heritage Movers ((608) 485-1612 or (608) 732-2259) and they can answer your specific questions about feasibility of moving a house to your site.

    Q: How does the home get to my site?
    A: A house mover is critical to getting the house from our college to your property. You will contract with house movers, who will look at your property and access, then give you a quote for moving. This can be anywhere from $4000 to $10,000+, depending on where it’s going and how complex the move is. They set the house on custom trailers, and get all the necessary permits and insurances to move the house. They will set the house onto your foundation, and that’s where your contractor takes over. We have used Heritage Movers (608) 485-1612 or (608) 732-2259) for years, and had good luck with them.

    Q: Can I move the house out of Wisconsin?
    A: Unfortunately, no. Our manufactured home builder’s license is with the state of Wisconsin. The homes cannot cross state lines.

    On the other hand, if the home is attached to a trailer, it is regulated like an RV and can be transported like one. 

    Q: Can I come to you with a custom design I like?
    A: Possibly. We would have to vet it thoroughly. We have specific curriculum needs, and the house needs to be easily built by our students. In addition, the largest home that can be moved for a reasonable cost is 40 feet long by 16 feet wide by 11 feet tall. We cannot build multi-story buildings. We have some excellent plans for home we have already built that create some great spaces. You may select interior and exterior finishes that suit your tastes. Furthermore, because exterior and interior finishes are an important element of the program’s curriculum, we cannot provide a “shell” only.

    Finally, if we agree to build a design of your choosing, you must provide the necessary construction documents. 

    Q: Can I customize one of your designs?
    A: Yes, absolutely. You would make choices as to the exterior finishes, cabinetry, flooring and trim. You’ll have lots of things to choose from so that home reflects your needs and tastes.

    Q: What is the quality of these homes?
    A: The homes are built to the exacting standards of four master carpenters with over 100 years of cumulative building experience. They may be built by students, but they are built well, far exceeding all code requirements. The homes are net zero ready, which means that the houses are insulated and air sealed so that a solar photovoltaic electrical system mounted to the roof could provide as much power as the house will use. In addition to energy efficiency, we consider the sustainability of every product that goes into it the home. We are working to train our students to build homes that far exceed today’s standards. You are getting a superior product. 

    Q: Do the houses come with a warranty?
    No. Since we are not a business, and are not making any money on these, there is no warranty from Madison College. There are warranties for the various products, and those would be in force. We teach our students to build using the industry’s best practices and we are confident you will enjoy your home for years.  

    Q: Will the home be completely finished when it leaves Madison College?
    A: For the most part, it will be about 80-90% complete. Some things you will definitely need to have finished at your site include decks and stairs, the foundation, finish plumbing, finish electrical and tile work. In addition, there may be some finishes, interior and/or exterior, that the students were not able to complete before the end of the school year. The house comes as is, and it is up to you to finish it onsite.

    Q: Do you come out to site to finish them?
    A: No, we do not come to site to work on them. We are not contractors, we are teachers, and we focus our energies on teaching our students here on campus. You will want a general contractor for your building site, to get the foundation in, handle the subcontractors and suppliers, and to finish things once the house gets to your site. In a nutshell, we are just another supplier for the job, albeit a very big part of it! Your contractor will finish the job and hand you the keys.