Work. Earn. Learn.

Interested in getting some work experience that aligns with your career goals or maybe a job that helps support the campus or community?

students working and laughing

These are the types of part-time jobs that the Federal Work Study Program prioritizes.

The program provides funding for part-time jobs for eligible students to help pay for college and many Madison College students benefit from the program each year. 

To be eligible you must:

Work Study students receive a paycheck every two weeks based on the number of hours worked. But you should know that the Work Study wages are capped at whatever the Federal Work Study Program awards you based on financial need and program funds availability.

Want to know more about how to “earn as you learn”?

Three Step-Process

Step 1

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form (FAFSA)

  • Select “YES” to the question that asks if you are interested in being considered for Work Study. 
  • Know that checking this box does not guarantee you will be awarded Work Study. 

Step 2

Accept the Work Study Award

  • Your Federal Student Aid letter will indicate how much Work Study you are eligible for. 
  • However, just being awarded Work Study does not mean you have a job. It is up to you to find and apply for jobs. 

Step 3

Find and apply for job

Enrolled students with an email address will have access to our job posting platform.

Learn more about financial aid

Work Study is just one form of financial aid available. Learn more about the full range of financial aid offerings.

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