“Madison College will continue to “do the hard work” to improve the trajectory for each student we serve. It all starts with recognizing who our students are, what experiences they have, and appreciate the communities in which they live.”

− Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III, President of Madison College.

Diverse group of students and staff working together at a round table

Equity and Inclusion Plan

We took a hard look at the College’s existing Equity and Inclusion Plan and knew that we had to take some substantial action to live up to the vision and goals to be a welcoming and inclusive environment where all of our learners, faculty and staff can thrive.

The 2020 plan reaffirms the school’s pledge:

  • To understand and acknowledge the gaps that exist for our students, especially calling out racial inequities;
  • To deepen our knowledge of the historical and structural levels of oppression that impact our students and employees;
  • To design strategies focusing on the severest gaps, and to monitor what is working by tracking and utilizing data;
  • To prioritize actions and resources to advance racial equity and inclusion; and
  • To create intentional and real institutional change.

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Setting the Stage for Change

The four pillars of our equity and inclusion efforts are:

  1. Madison College will eliminate racist policies, practices and procedures to achieve more equitable outcomes. The goal is to provide opportunities for employees and students to engage in focused conversations on race and other current topics.
  2. Students of color and traditionally underrepresented populations will persist and succeed at greater rates in order to achieve more equitable outcomes. The goal is to increase the persistence and completion rates of students of color as compared against the benchmark academic year 2019-2020
  3. Employee demographics will mirror student demographics. The goal is to develop a comprehensive hiring process from crafting position descriptions to on-boarding employees. We will report employee demographics annually highlighting changes in inclusive hiring using the academic year 2019-2020 as a benchmark.
  4. Every employee, student, and guest will experience a welcoming and inclusive Madison College. The goal is to Provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for faculty, staff and visitors through climate and customer service surveys using the 2020-2021 academic year as the benchmark.

Department of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement

Madison College’s department of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement is charged with providing leadership and innovation in the college’s journey to provide a diverse and inclusive environment.

Student Services and Activities Include:

  • Diversity and multi-cultural programming
  • Disability Resource Services
  • International Education
  • Cross-cultural activities
  • Identity-based clubs and organizations