In December 2021, Madison College received a 3-year, $2.9 million grant to address workforce challenges in the region. Our grant efforts focus on childcare and the associated workforce challenges that reduce families’ ability to access quality care, enter and remain in the workforce, and access family-sustaining wages.

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Investment in childcare pays dividends over the life of the child. The National Forum on Early Childhood Policy and Programs found that high-quality early childhood programs can yield a four to nine dollar return on each one dollar invested. We also know that investments in higher education translate to higher wages and improved societal outcomes, like increased civic participation and lower risk of involvement with the criminal justice system. The combined yields from these investments will provide returns to our communities for generations. 

The project implementation is led by Donna Jost, the Early Learning Campus Manager, and Jessica Cioci, Dean, School of Human and Protective Services.


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Our Work

A roadmap for childcare access

Our approach to childcare gives students the knowledge that while they invest in themselves, they can also be investing in their children through affordable, high-quality childcare. Childcare delivery must look different based on the student and community needs.

Our childcare roadmap informed by stakeholders in our communities guides us in implementing a community-centered approach to childcare delivery. If you have trouble accessing this document, contact Erin Trondson at or 608.616.1546.

Support existing childcare in our community and delivering it ourselves

  • Connect  childcare providers to training and support to improve quality ratings
  • Provide student placements connecting future employees to potential employers aiming to expand and extend their available care;
  • Provide subsidies to high-quality childcare facilities serving our student-parents, per our roadmap
  • Open a childcare center for our Madison Goodman South Campus and explore offering care at our other campuses

Expand the childcare professional pipeline

  • Expand access to the Early Childhood Education Infant/Toddler certificate in both English and Spanish.
  • Expand access to early childhood education offerings at our regional campuses.
  • Provide scholarships to reduce the cost to students looking to complete Early Childhood Education programs. The scholarship application will be linked here in the fall.  

Support access to learning and support student-parents

  • Develop and participate in consortiums of employers and community-based organizations to increase awareness and access among diverse populations and needs
  • Provide support to student-parents through the college’s student-parent navigator