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Your 4-Year Degree Starts Here!

You really, really want to go to UW-Madison. Or maybe even a college out east with a whole lot of ivy. You can do it.

Start earning your bachelor’s degree at Madison College and then transfer to a four-year institution to complete your studies.

We’ll guide you through transfer contracts, help you pick classes so your credits go with you and keep the whole process on track. All you have to do is stay in touch with your advisor – and study study study.

Top Transfer Institutions

  1. UW-Madison
  2. Edgewood College
  3. UW-Whitewater
  4. UW-Milwaukee
  5. UW-Oshkosh
  6. UW-Platteville

College Transfer Programs

A Liberal Arts Transfer program lets you choose an area of interest do your pre-major coursework at Madison College.

Where Else Can I Go?

Madison College offers more than 140 transfer opportunities in Wisconsin and across the country.

View Transfer Agreements and Partnerships

We're #1
in UW Transfers
No college sends more students to UW-Madison than we do.
It’s Who You Know
Transfer agreements provide pathways
Madison College has transfer agreements with dozens of accredited 4-year schools. That helps - a lot.
Sky’s the Limit
That thing we said about the Ivy League? Madison College students have gone on to Harvard, Yale and the rest. Dreams do come true.

Talk Early, Talk Often

We can’t say it too many times. If you want to start at Madison College and transfer to another school – talk to us! Our advisors are amazing and will help every step of the way. Apply now and be on track from your first semester.

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Madison College Transfer Center

Transfer Center
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Learn about the services and resources available in our Transfer Center.

If You Want To Be a Badger

Just come along with us! Over a thousand Madison College students have transferred to UW-Madison. Our advisors know the ins and outs – which will give you a head start when applying to a UW program.

Pauline, former Madison College student
"I came to Madison College to get my GED. I eventually came back for college courses, then transferred to a 4-year school. Today I hold a bachelor’s in marketing from Edgewood College."
Former Madison College student

College Transfer Program News

A photo of Grace Zongo in his graduation gown and cap
Madison College Student Grace Zongo Awarded Highly-Competitive Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
Madison College student Grace Zongo was awarded the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. This highly competitive award allows students to complete their undergraduate degrees at four-year institutions with minimal financial burden.
Madison College and Edgewood College celebrated their partnership at a Feb. 29 signing ceremony at Edgewood College.
Madison College and Edgewood College Celebrate New Transfer Agreement
Madison College and Edgewood College have partnered to elevate student success in pursuing bachelor’s degrees in art and elementary education.
Madison College Associate degree art students and pre-major education students will be guaranteed Edgewood College admission if they meet requirements.
Madison College students working in Fort Atkinson's metal fabrication facility
Madison College and UW-Platteville Streamline Transfer Opportunities for Technical Education Students
Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville recently signed a new articulation agreement that will streamline the path for transfer students to pursue a technical education degree.
Guaranteed Admission
Fulfill the terms of your transfer contract and you’re in. (We’ll help.) No wait. No worry.
No Limits
UW-Madison doesn’t cap transfer enrollment. You won’t be competing with your classmates for a slot.
Total Support
We work with you from day one to make sure you get accepted with as many credits as possible.
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