Dear friends of Madison College,

As we begin a new year, I invite you to reflect with us on 2022.

I have no doubt that the success stories shared here will fill your heart as they do mine. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are a remarkable community.

Our hallways and classrooms are filled with hope and determination, with deep conversations and laughter. And, students and faculty and staff are engaging each other directly and daily.

On behalf of the Madison College community, I thank you for your connection to and support for the work we do. You play an integral role in many lives, including those highlighted here.

Many wishes for a bright 2023!


Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III
President, Madison College

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Economic Impact of Madison College

Economic Impact Highlights | Madison College
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Source: Economic Impact Report (2018-19); Graduate Employment Report

Stories of Inspiration

Campus Enrollment | 2021-22 Academic Year

Our Students

They’re the reason we do what we do. Every student comes to us with one common goal: improving their life. They come to us from a diverse range of backgrounds to learn, grow and transform our communities.

Thank you for your support in fostering long-term student and alumni success.

31,812 Duplicated Headcount

illustration representing the Madison College area within Wisconsin

Source: 2021-22 WTCS Fact Book Student Data

Our Diversity

Don’t let the numerals and percentage points fool you. Our students mean way more to us than numbers on a screen. Each student deserves to feel welcome, included and motivated to succeed. Many students face systemic social and economic challenges that are beyond their control. We will continue to uplift underrepresented students and provide a safe space for collaboration and growth for all.

Source: Madison College Cognos Reporting System (as of January 23, 2023)

illustration of a pie chart showing student diversity
  • 60.7% Caucasian
  • 15.6% Hispanic/Latino
  • 7.5% African American
  • 6.8% Did not disclose
  • 4.2% Asian
  • 4.7% Multi-racial
  • .4% American Indian
  • .00% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

Our Graduates

Your dental hygienist. Your parents’ caregiver. The help desk at your workplace. Odds are good they’re Madison College alumni. Our graduates keep things going across several industries and throughout the district. Their education has led them to provide vital services, support our local economies and to serve as ambassadors for higher education.

Source: Graduate Employment Report