These classes will be for fun and to discover the academic programs we offer at Madison College.

  • Ages for each class will vary based on the subject matter.
  • Classes will be in the evening or weekend.
  • Students will be given a Madison College Student account.
  • Classes will appear on the student’s transcripts.

Register for Classes

Complete the Child/Teen Registration form to register for these youth classes. Note the class name and number (found in the class description).

Note: Anyone under 16 must first complete The Under 16 Registration form (PDF). Download this form, complete it and then upload the PDF when you submit the Child/Teen Registration form.

Child/Teen Registration

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Upcoming Youth Classes

Jr. Chef Series - Breakfast 1 | $65

Learn what effects temperature and time have on eggs! Chef will discuss and demo dry heat and moist heat cooking methods as well as basic kitchen safety. We will also discuss the secret to perfectly cooked soft and hard boiled eggs, use those eggs for a known favorite- (baked) scotch eggs! Next, learn how to make sausage gravy from scratch as well as home-made country biscuits! Students ages 14 or older can attend the Jr. Chef Series classes with parental consent. Ages 8-13 can attend with an adult chaperone (there is no additional cost for the chaperone).
#33770, Truax-Main Building, 10/28, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

Jr. Chef Series - Breakfast 2 | $65

In this class learn how to make some breakfast and brunch favorites, like crepes filled with fruit and cream, as well as from scratch quiche’s! We will discuss quick breads and the different type of mixing methods, while you will prepare, (using the straight dough method)-cinnamon buns! You will learn how to make cream scones using the biscuit method! Students ages 14 or older can attend the Jr. Chef Series classes with parental consent. Ages 8-13 can attend with an adult chaperone (there is no additional cost for the chaperone).
#33771, Truax-Main Building, 11/11, Saturday, 9-1 PM
#34319, Truax-Main Building, 12/9, Saturday, 9-1 PM

High School - Intro to Welding | $130

Are you interested in learning how to weld? This is 3 week introductory welding course geared toward ages 14-17 year olds. Types of welding we’d be covering are week 1 SMAW (stick welding), week 2 GMAW( mig welding), week 3 TIG welding. We’ll cover basic mild steel and touch briefly into Stainless steel Tig welding the last week! Safety items needed would be, safety boots, safety glasses and welding gloves.
#33788, Truax-Main Building, 11/11-12/2, Saturday, 9 AM-12 PM

Sign Language 1 | $205

Students learn basic skills of the American Sign Language (ASL) used by and for the deaf. This is an introductory course for those wanting to learn a second language or those who want to communicate with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Clinical and cultural aspects are covered as well as basic tips on how to best communicate with people who have hearing loss. Receptive and expressive sign vocabulary building activities are introduced through class activities stressing conversational skills. Students learn basic ASL questions, commands, and simple sentences. Information about the deaf community is also presented. Students practice with non-verbal/gesture activities, alphabet, and numbers. This is a class for Youth Ages 11-17
#33840, Truax -Health Building, 9/27-12/20, Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM

Developing Your Voice Youth Masterclass - Part 1 | $105

This 2-part course is designed to help individuals improve their communication skills, develop confidence in public speaking, and harness the power of their voice. Participants will explore various aspects of finding their voice, storytelling, crafting powerful messages, and delivering impactful speeches. The course will provide practical techniques, exercises, and guidance to help participants unlock their full potential as confident and effective communicators. Part 1 of 2 This is a class for Youth Ages 11-17
#33858, Truax-Health Building, 10/11-10/25, Wednesday, 5:15-7:15 PM
Truax-Health Building, 10/31 -11/7, Tuesday, 5:15-7:15 PM

#63509, Truax-Early Learning Center, 1/22-2/19, Monday, 5:15-7:15 PM

Mosaic Art for Youth | $235

Complete a number of interesting and engaging projects, like jar lid magnets, cement steppingstones, small-format wall-art and others while learning the basics of mosaic art. Mosaic art poses unique challenges and provides unique pleasures: similar to creating your own puzzle, the process can be empowering, cathartic, and result in stunning pieces of art. This is a class for Youth Ages 11-17.
#33998, Truax-Protective Services Building, 11/6-12/11, Monday, 5-8 PM