Look around and you’ll find out fast how competitive our tuition is.

When you consider what you get in return—a great education and better job prospects—it’s beyond worth it.

  • Tuition: What you pay for instruction

  • Fees: What you pay for books, sales tax, equipment required for classes, etc.

Cost per Credit

Your total cost depends on number of credits, type of classes and your residency status.

Per Credit Tuition for Career-Focused Programs

(technical diplomas, associate degrees, certificates and vocational courses)

  • In-state: $146.20
  • Out-of-state: $219.30

Per Credit Tuition for Liberal Arts Transfer Courses

(classes you plan to put toward a bachelor’s degree)

  • In-state: $188.90
  • Out-of-state: $283.35

More About “Fees,” Please…

These per-credit fees cover everything from activities to book rental to parking:

  • $12.24: supplemental fee, Madison or online career-focused classes
  • $14.99: supplemental fee, Madison or online liberal arts transfer classes
  • $3.25: regional campus classes
  • $7: Textbook Rental fee
  • $1.46: academic achievement fee, per credit career-focused classes
  • $1.89: academic achievement fee, liberal arts transfer
  • $27: commuter services flat fee

Tuition and Fees Are Determined by WTCS

Minnesota students pay in-state tuition, thanks to a state reciprocity agreement.

Instruction Mode

  • Online and Online-Live classes are not charged out-of-state tuition rates.
  • Classroom-Live and Hybrid classes less than 50% online may be charged out-of-state tuition rates. 


You’ll be billed after you register for classes.

Pay online, in-person or get old school and send a check.

Payment Due Dates

  • Fall semester: September 30
  • Spring semester: February 15
  • Summer: June 30