Learn about schools and departments at Madison College and their contact details.

Academic Advancement

Specializing in life-changing goals, we help students get a fresh start on their education and career.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Discover a rewarding career that truly contributes to society as you prepare to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Business and Applied Arts

Our programs open doors to big ideas for aspiring artists, entrepreneurs and future business professionals.

Engineering, Science and Mathematics

Explore career options that cater to your logical and curious nature and get hands-on training to find your dream STEM job.

Health Sciences

The healthcare industry continues to grow, as does the need for skilled workers. Healthcare careers offer diversity in focus, from direct patient care to behind-the-scenes support.

Human and Protective Services

Society will never stop needing the helpers that get us through our hardest days. Experience hands-on training that prepares you for a career as a difference-maker.


The world will always need nurses. Train in our campus trauma room, simulation labs, on-site clinics and more.

Professional Development and Continuing Education

You want to polish up your skillset but you don’t need a new degree. See how far our classes can take you, whether you’re learning for business or pleasure.

Technologies and Trades

Technology and trade careers offer solid, well-paying futures.