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Skills and knowledge gained through previous school, work or life experiences may earn Madison College course credit.

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Transfer Credits

Earn college credit from prior educational training and experiences such as:

  • high school classes (AP, dual credit, or others that meet college course requirements) 
  • previous college classes
  • military training
  • national exams
  • professional certifications


Explore existing college transfer options for Madison College with Transferology

Can't find your courses in Transferology? Don't worry. We can evaluate your prior coursework after you are admitted. 

Prior Learning Assessments

Don't have or aren't able to transfer credit? Use your work, volunteer or other experience to earn college credit through prior learning assessments such as:

  • challenge exams 
  • skills demonstrations 
  • portfolio reviews 
  • prerequisite exams 


Get Started

Getting credit for prior learning begins when you submit your transcripts during admissions, but it does not end there.

Apply to Madison College to see if you are eligible for credit for prior learning. 


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Up to 50%
That’s how much of your certificate you can earn through prior learning
Up to 75%
That’s how much of your degree you can earn through prior learning.