Madison College strives to make data-driven decisions that promote student recruitment, retention, success and process.

Federal- and state-mandated reports are compiled to provide information about Madison College graduates and meet accreditation requirements.

Open Record Data Requests

Contact Ali Zarrinnam, Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management to access data per open records law.

Phone: 608.246.6446 

Wisconsin Open Records Law follows FERPA requirements, which prohibit the release of non-directory data information and permit the release of directory data information. Wisconsin Open Records Law cannot compel the release of non-directory data. In general, Madison College must release student directory data under a public record request. Student information with a FERPA hold will not be released under a public record request.

Solomon Act Data Requests

Email from your official government email address.

  • Enrollment Data

    2020-2021 Enrollment Data

    Truax Campus
    Headcount: 6,566
    FTEs: 1,092.3

    Commercial Avenue Education Center          
    Headcount: 581
    FTEs: 75.6

    South Madison Campus         
    Headcount: 678
    FTEs: 83

    West Madison Campus          
    Headcount: 57
    FTEs: 0.8

    Fort Atkinson Campus
    Headcount: 625
    FTEs: 37.2

    Portage Campus        
    Headcount: 826
    FTEs: 25.9

    Reedsburg Campus    
    Headcount: 702
    FTEs: 46.8

    Watertown Campus  
    Headcount: 380
    FTEs: 26.5

    Headcount: 16,988
    FTEs: 5,867.7

    Total Enrollments      

    Headcount: 22,852
    FTEs: 7255.7
    * Includes dual credit students                     
    * Students may be counted in multiple categories  
    * FTEs = Full Time Equivalents 

  • Gainful Employment Report

    The Gainful Employment Report was designed by the U.S. Department of Education to protect students from taking on unsustainable debt so they have an easier time paying for career training. Madison College students can use this data to help make informed decisions about which program to apply to and to meet their potential for gainful employment after graduation. On August 13, 2019, Madison College elected to participate in the early implementation process eliminating the requirement to report Gainful Employment information and disclosures online and to students.

    Students are encouraged to use O*Net OnLine, which provides details about the workforce to job seekers, workforce development and human resources professionals, students and researchers.

  • Graduate Employment Report

    The 2021 Graduate Employment Report (Excel) provides information about the types of jobs Madison College students secure after graduation, based on the results of the annual Graduate Employment Survey. If you trouble accessing this report please contact

    The survey attempts to answer:

    • Are Madison College graduates successful in gaining employment related to their field of study?
    • How do graduates feel about the training they received at Madison College?
    • Where are graduates employed? When were they hired? How much do they earn?

    The Graduate Employment Report is useful to counselors, current and prospective Madison College students, and employers. It also provides valuable data for developing the college's programs and curriculum, and complies with state and federal reporting requirements.

    All program graduates are sent a survey six months after graduation and extensive efforts are made to maximize the response rate of the survey. Calculations of response rates and placement rates, opinions and salaries are based upon the responses provided by the program graduates.

    Graduate Employment Report data can also be found on our program web pages

  • Student Outcome Summary

    The 3-year graduation rate for full-time students entering in Fall 2016 was 28.1 percent.

    The 3-year transfer out rate for full-time students entering in Fall 2016 was 24.9 percent.

    58.3 percent of entering full-time students in Fall of 2018 continued the following Fall.
    Source: NCCBP