3d drawings made out of plastics
3D creations made by students.

The STEM Center at Madison College provides an access point for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

We provide an inclusive community and innovative programming, services and guidance to foster engagement and success in the STEM field.

About the STEM Center

The STEM Center welcomes anyone interested in using our resources like 3D printers, tutoring services, study spaces and join our community.

STEM Workshop

STEM workshop houses numerous 3D printers, a Glow Forge machine, and more materials to create all kinds of projects! STEM Ambassadors and the STEM Club host multiple workshops here each week. Access to these resources is free for Madison College Students!


STEM Club is an outlet for students to engage in activities for fun, learning and professional development. Club members get the resources they need for projects. Submit a proposal and the STEM Club may even fund your project if the resources you need are not available. 

We also host outings and game nights for members.  

The STEM Club aims to inspire passionate students to be more engaged in the STEM field. 

Community Involvement

Interested in supporting the STEM Center? We're looking for speakers and demonstrators.

Explore, Inspire, Collaborate
person using a glow forge machine

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Madison College STEM Center

Get involved with the STEM Center

stemcenter@madisoncollege.edu or 608.246.6285