Is the coronavirus steering more students toward community colleges?



Channel 3 (WISC-TV) recently interviewed Madison College Provost Turina Bakken about the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dr. Bakken was asked whether high school graduates would choose to attend community colleges (like Madison College) to save money because schools will be offering most of their classes online this fall. Plus, students could stay closer to home during the pandemic.

“It’s always a stressful time for parents and students, but I think now with these layers of uncertainty, not only the health and safety perspective, but just, what’s the learning experience going to be like," Dr. Bakken told Channel 3. "Do I want to send my child to Montana, far away from home and then have them do an all online experience from a dorm room? People are rethinking what the next year might bring them.”

Dr. Bakken is also being interviewed by University Business Magazine about this same topic.