Political science instructor previews impeachment trial


Donald Trump's historic second impeachment trial got underway this week. Trump is charged with inciting the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.


So, what can we expect at the trial? Madison College political science instructor Dr. Maurice Sheppard told Channel 3, Channel 27, Wisconsin Radio Network, Wisconsin Public Radio and the Capital City Hues that no matter the outcome of the trial, there's still a ways to go to improve trust in government right now.


"This entire episode highlights, again, weakness of the American political system, high distrust of government, but it also reinforces at least the strength of our formal institutions that the rule of law still matters," Sheppard told Channel 27 news.

Dr. Sheppard's story was also picked up by Green Bay radio stations WTAQ and WHBL, Janesville radio station WCLO, Kansas radio station KNSS and BOLLYINSIDE.COM in India.