President Biden Visits Madison College Truax Campus


U.S. President Joe Biden stopped at Madison College Truax campus on Monday, April 8 to unveil his new student debt relief plan.

Biden met with guests at the invite-only event at Madison College’s H. Douglas Redsten Gym.

Listening to President Biden’s student loan forgiveness proposal were K-12 leaders, community members, university, and college administrators, including Madison College President Dr. Jack Daniels, who emphasized the college’s ongoing efforts of making higher education affordable to students.

US President Joe Biden speaking at Madison College
President Joe Biden unveiled his new student debt forgiveness plan at Madison College on April 8.

“Madison College has not waited for federal policy changes to make college accessible to our students,” Daniels said. “We have robust support for students to pay for college, including grants, scholarships, loans and work-study programs. We also guide countless students through the financial aid application process.”

Madison College hosted the April 8 event with minimal disruption to students, faculty, and staff. President Daniels thanked the Madison College community for its patience during the event.

“This was a significant undertaking for employees operating behind the scenes to make this event a success, and I thank them for their work,” Daniels said post-event. “I also appreciate our faculty who prioritized the well-being of our students and were patient and flexible as changes occurred. Thank you all for this support and welcoming our community guests to campus today.”

Madison College’s state-of-the-art facilities host hundreds of private and public events throughout the year, such as Monday’s event.