With our mission, vision, and values statements in mind, and with the Madison College community's input, the college identified six Strategic Directives. These directives focus on students, sustainability, support, preparedness, community and outreach.

Strategic Directives

Ranked in order of importance based on input sessions and survey results.

  • 1.

    Focus On Successful Outcomes for Students

    1. Easy and standardized process for enrollment
    2. Improve advising
    3. Mandatory orientation and advising
    4. Pair basic education classes with credit courses or programs
    5. Increase flexible offerings
    6. Standardize and increase access to textbooks (including rental programs)
  • 2.

    Ensure Our Sustainability

    1. All locations to have adequate resources
    2. Consolidate campuses
    3. Address access (parking, transit)
    4. Improve campus atmosphere and resources at all campuses beyond the classroom
    5. Address continued affordability
    6. IT infrastructure
  • 3.

    Support Our Faculty and Staff

    1. Transparent and full communication
    2. Professional ongoing development
    3. Reassess positions and pay structure for all faculty, staff and students
    4. Create a formal shared governance
    5. Improve faculty space
    6. Implement a succession plan
  • 4.

    Address Student Preparedness

    1. Expand testing and assessment to be more comprehensive “success predictors”
    2. Develop an advising based profile to address learning styles and unique needs
    3. Initiate better and stronger K-12 connections
    4. Offer credit for prior learning
    5. Improve Bridge programming
    6. Improve early alert
  • 5.

    Align With Community Needs

    1. Gain more employer input and partnering across districts
    2. Strengthen work/learning opportunities (internships, apprenticeships)
    3. Provide community access to college resources (space, expertise, technology)
    4. Increase opportunities to bring the community to campus(es)
    5. Improve community input (business channels, non-profits)
    6. Integrate entrepreneurship support services
  • 6.

    Improve Recruitment and Strategic Outreach

    1. Comprehensive outreach
    2. Easy registration and navigation on website
    3. Outreach to non-traditional students
    4. Market the affordability of our college
    5. More recruiters representative of the districts they serve
    6. Improve mobile access (including texting capabilities)


Additional Madison College Plans

Academic Plan

The Academic Plan is the framework Madison College uses to guide the way we serve students, employers and the greater community. As the community around us evolves, so will we — making this plan a constant work in progress.

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEM)

Madison College’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan is a structured approach for optimizing enrollments while facilitating student success and ensuring fiscal viability.  

The primary purpose of this SEM plan is to help the College drive future enrollment by developing the capacity to achieve enrollment goals through an aligned and comprehensive set of goals and objectives focused on recruiting, retaining, and supporting students throughout their educational career.

While recruiting, onboarding and retaining students are core elements to any SEM plan; ultimately, SEM is not simply about growing enrollment.  Instead, it is about promoting and operationalizing the vision for the College and setting goals that are realized through shared systems, practices and services. It is important to note that this plan is a dynamic document in that the goals and areas of emphasis will be responsive to changing environmental factors, shifting priorities, or unanticipated enrollment fluctuations.

By linking and basing the strategies defined in our plan with core institutional plans, we are connecting enrollment planning to the full scope of the institution from its mission, to its organization, to its daily operations.

Facilities Strategic Plan

Plan fundamentally supports the Academic Plan by creating and improving the interior and exterior spaces where the College can provide accessible, high-quality instruction and technical experience to meet the needs of its students, community and area employers. The Facilities Strategic Plan 2018 complete report is available upon request. Learn more about future plans for Madison College facilities

Affirmative Action Plan

The purpose of the Affirmative Action Plan at Madison College is to establish a set of specific and results-oriented programmatic objectives, which provide for the recruitment, access and advancement of qualified persons of color, women and persons with disabilities with respect to employment and enrollment opportunities.  The goals and initiatives outlined in the Affirmative Action Plan coupled with the College’s good faith efforts will assist with ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity.

Equity & Inclusion Plan

A solid commitment to the success of our students and our community serves as the impetus to become an equity-minded institution in this Equity and Inclusion Plan. Madison College has made great strides to ensure access for our students. One example is the Scholars of Promise Program, which attempts to eliminate the financial barriers many students face. But there are other barriers that need to be addressed and this Plan is a beginning for Madison College to lead in eliminating the achievement and skills gaps that exist.