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NextGen Responders Academy for High School Students | Madison College
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"The NextGen Responders Academy was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to make lifelong friends and helped me discover just a tase of what the fire service is all about."
2023 NextGen Responders graduate. Currently enrolled in the Fire Technician associate degree program and interning at Fitchburg Fire Department.

Main Requirements

The NextGen Responders Academy courses are available to any Wisconsin high school junior or senior. Each student must come prepared to work hard and work as a team in this fast-paced, hands-on experience. We push students to see what they are capable of and have fun doing it.

You will gain real-world experience and have the opportunity to talk with current and former fire department representatives and students.

Upon completing both the EMR and Fire Recruit Academies students will be certified for the following:

  1. Firefighter 1
  2. Firefighter2
  3. Hazardous Materials Operations Level
  4. Nationally Registered Emergency Responders
  5. CPR and Early Defibrillation

If this becomes your passion and the profession for you, we assist students enroll in the Associate Degree Programs. We can offer help applying to fire and EMS internships.

Enrollment Steps

Talk to your school counselor to get started. (Courses may be available at no cost for some through the Start College Now program.)

Earn college credit and learn what you need to pass national and state certifications.

"The NextGen program allowed me to get a head start on my career, and to get involved with things that was interested in."
2023 NextGen Responders graduate. Currently enrolled in the Fire Technician associate degree program and interning at Fitchburg Fire Department.
Austin, 2019 NextGen Responders graduate
“The fire academy taught me not only about fire and ems, but life skills and friendships I’ll have for years. My instructors set me up for success.”
2019 NextGen Responders graduate, current Fitchburg Fire Department Intern and future medic

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

Main Location: Madison Truax Campus

30-531-382 - Emergency Medical Responder 3 credits

This is the first level of the Emergency Medical Services System (EMS). Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions while awaiting the arrival of additional EMS resources. Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) also assist higher-level personnel at the scene of emergencies and during transport. Completion of this course prepares students for National certification and State licensure.

Requirements: You must be capable of performing the actions authorized by the Department in Wisconsin Scope of Practice for the Emergency Medical Responder, capable of becoming certified in CPR at the Healthcare provider level, and not have an arrest of conviction record that is substantially related to performing the duties of an Emergency Medical Responder.

Program Outcomes

1. This certification introduces the student to Emergency Medical Services, a broad healthcare pathway. The EMR course includes relevant content for all future healthcare providers in any setting.

2. Our current and past students have continued their education in the areas of Nursing, Dental, Law Enforcement and Firefighting.

-Spring and Fall course offerings are subject to change based on enrollment

Download the Emergency Medical Responder Application

Fire Recruit

Main Location: Madison Truax Campus

10-503-100 - Fire Recruit Academy 5 credits

200 hours of firefighting training prepares you for the State of Wisconsin Firefighter I and Firefighter 2 certification examinations. If you complete the Emergency Medical Technician course plus the Fire Recruit Academy, you’ll earn the Fire Service Certification Technical Diploma.

Requirements: You should fully understand this course is physically and academically challenging.

Program Outcomes

1. After successful completion of this course, you will meet the requirements to serve as a firefighter and earn five credits from Madison College.

2. Internships

Choose from several Dane County fire service internships. Employers hire our graduates because they are trained and job-ready on day one.

-Spring and Fall course offerings are subject to change based on enrollment

Download the Fire Recruit Application

Alexia, 2019 NextGen Responders graduate
“The fire academy helped me stand out to every college I applied to and helped me develop great leadership skills.”
2019 NextGen Responders graduate and current UW-Oshkosh Student
Brian, 2021 NextGen Responders graduate
“As soon as I put on the gear, went to the training ground and did the skills, I knew this was something I’d enjoy. The instructors made the material easy to understand and exposed us to many opportunities.”
2021 NextGen Responders graduate and current Fitchburg Fire Department Intern

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