At Madison College, classes don’t just begin in early fall, spring or summer.

You have the power to select classes with start dates that suit your schedule! All year long.

Whether you want to dive in full time or wade in with a class or two, discover options galore at Madison College.

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Go Ahead. Explore What’s Being Offered.

Choose to go 100% online, totally in-person or strike a balance.
If you’re ready to learn, we’re ready to show you!

Spring Classes

Check out our spring course list and start planning for your future.

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Learning That Fits Your Life

Courses are offered in a variety of formats that suit your learning style and schedule. Learn more in this short video.

5 Kinds of Flexible | Madison College
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Need a computer for school? Borrow a college laptop and WiFi hotspot! Tech support is available if you need it.

“Flexible course offerings are definitely available. I’ve had an A+ experience at Madison College.”
Graduate, Liberal Arts Transfer