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Noncredit Courses

Pick up some new skills for practical purposes or just for fun!

Introduction to Bridge (BB1) | $125

This course is appropriate for new players or people returning to bridge after a long absence. Instruction is based on the Standard American System which is played all over the world. We cover Basic Bidding, Play and Defense. Bridge is composed of these 3 topics and while none are extremely difficult themselves, it is often difficult to put them all together. However, you will be playing bridge at the end of our sessions!
#33465, Online Live, 10/7-11/11, Friday, 9-11 AM

Math History 1 - Ancient and Old | $85

This class covers Ancient Greek, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Babylonia, Egyptian, American, Middle Age Europe, and Renaissance Mathematics, including Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory, Astronomy up to and including the development of Calculus.
#33463, Truax-Main Building, 9/13-10/4, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Math History 2 - Modern and Abstract | $85

This class covers the development and abstraction of mathematics since the development of Calculus including, Group Theory, Analysis, Complex Numbers, Topology, Modern Algebra, and the Abstractions and Application of Mathematics, including math of the 20th century. Math History 1 is required.
#33464, Truax-Main Building, 10/11-11/1, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Staging Your Home to Sell | $65

Staging your home to sell is a fun, easy, and profitable. Learn where to start, what to do, and what not to so, This class goes beyond decluttering. It is all about perception, presentation, and rearranging to help buyers appreciate your home's features. Learn how to prevent accessories from distracting buyers. Photos, tips, and materials included.
#33598, Truax-Health Building, 10/26-11/2, Wednesday, 6-9 PM

Weather Forecasting at Home | $65

The internet provides access to much of the information forecaster use to make the predictions, and you can tap into it. Whether you depend on the weather professionally, want to be a storm spotter, or are simply interested in the topic, you can use the internet to get a much fuller picture of what weather is heading your way, than a weather report. Course topics will include weather terminology, general circulation, the role of water in the atmosphere, air masses, fronts, jets, waves and horizontal and vertical motion. You should come away with the ability to describe in basic terms the physical processes that produce common weather phenomena.
#33642, Reedsburg, 9/15-9/29, Thursday, 5:30-7:30 PM
#33581, Truax-Main Building, 10/3-10/17, Monday, 5-7 PM

Digital Cameras: Portraits | $45

Gain tips and techniques to take portraits and family photos that will be worthy of framing and cherished for decades. Learn about camera controls, lighting, posing and subject arrangement and how to choose the right camera accessories.
#33567, Truax-Main Building, 10/31-11/7, Monday, 6-8 PM

Using Flash with Digital Cameras | $45

Many photographers shy away from using flash in their photography because they feel that flash photography is difficult to understand and the flash units are too complicated to operate. This class is designed to take the mystery out of small flash operations and open up the work of, "packaged," light to the photo enthusiast. Through lecture, visual learning, and hands on practice, students will become familiar with the control of their flash units and the wide variety of functions that they can preform. Upon completion of the class, students can expect to be able to use their flash units effectively in both indoor and outdoor shooting situations. This class will be the most valuable to students who have an external flash unit.
#33565, Truax-Main Building, 10/3, Monday, 6-9 PM

Photographic Composition Intro | $45

Master the basic tools for creating powerful photographs with creative intention by attracting the eye of the viewer. Learn the basics of composition and examine the work of famous photographers. Improve your own photography.
#33566, Truax-Main Building, 10/10-10/17, Monday, 6-8 PM

Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners | $20

Blogging and podcasting can be used to promote your expertise, entertain or inform your audiences, and make money. In this class, students will learn how to create these forms of content, how to develop topics, and how to promote your blog and podcast.
#33640, Online Live, 11/17, Thursday, 6-7 PM

Chicken Pot Pie and Shepherd Pie | $53

Satisfy your craving for comfort foods. These classic comfort food pies are easy to make once you know the basics. Work with our chef to explore step by step how to make these tasty pies from scratch and learn amazing variations that will keep your family and friends asking for more. 
#33498, St.Paul Lutheran School - Fort Atkinson, 10/24, Monday, 6-9 PM

Comfort Food From the Heart | $53

You can't argue with the appeal of comfort food and there are so many amazing options to choose from. Learn some new twists on popular recipes to make that special someone fall in love with you for the first time or all over again.
#33499, St.Paul Lutheran School - Fort Atkinson, 10/12, Wednesday, 6-9 PM

Concealed Carry | $50

This course provides the opportunity for the learner to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of basic handgun safety for civilian use. We will cover the legal issues of carrying and using weapons and Wisconsin CCW permit requirements and licensing. This course will qualify you to apply for the Wisconsin Concealed Carry permit. There is no live fire portion.
#33654, Reedsburg, 10/13, Thursday, 6-10 PM

Dog Agility | $65

Unleash your dog's potential through MATC agility class! The dog and handler will be taught agility through positive motivation training methods. The dog will develop confidence and trust in the handler through proper introduction and socialization to agility obstacles. All dogs will be on leash at all times. Safety will be taught for dog and handler on agility obstacles and tunnels correctly. The dog must have required vaccinations (Click link to see list of required vaccinations) The handler must be a minimum of 12 years or older. The dog must be 12 months or older and must have some sort of obedience training for be enrolled in obedience classes. Please no aggressive dogs. There will be no corrections allowed in agility class. 
#33628, Portage, 9/8-10/13, Thursday, 5:30-6:30 PM

Dog Obedience | $65

The instructor will teach the handlers how to train their dog for a lifelong commitment to basic manners and obedience. The dog will be taught to relinquish an object, enter/exit commands, the off command, and how to retrieve. The dog will learn basic manners and obedience commands. Information will be given on dog laws, grooming, dog proofing your home, just to name a few. The dog handler must be a minimum of 12 yrs of age. The dog must have the required vaccinations, including bordetella (Kennel Cough), and written proof must be provided on the first day of class. The dog should be over 12 months old. This class is held outside and individual class sessions may be rescheduled due to weather.
#33626, Portage, 9/7-10/12, Wednesday, 6:30-7:30 PM
#33639, Reedsburg, 9/10-10/15, Saturday, 9:30-10:30 AM

Friends and Family Dinner | $38

A full dinner will be put together that could be a family dinner, a dinner party for friends, or date night. The meal will include a main dish, salad, two sides, and a dessert. Planning tips and timing included. Bring containers to take your favorites home.
#33653, Webb Middle School - Reedsburg, 10/25, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Holiday Cookie Exchange | $38

Enjoy some community holiday camaraderie and baking. Several varieties of holiday cookies will be made by the group. All ingredients are provided, all you need is a handy container to bring your delicious assorted treats home. 
#33665, Webb Middle School - Reedsburg, 11/29, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Introduction to Bulbs | $65

Learn about bulbs for your landscaping for fall, winter, and spring. Bulbs are beautiful and easy to plant. Learn what types of bulbs are available and what time of the year to plant them. Each week we will emphasize a different season.
#33781, Watertown, 10/6-10/20, Thursday, 6-8 PM

Introduction to Personal Finance | $165

Introduction to Personal Finance teaches students how to manage personal resources for the achievement of life goals. Subject matter will include financial psychology; savings, expense and budgeting; loans and debt management; taxation, insurance and risk management; investment, estate planning, governmental programs and the economy.
#33690, Online Live, 9/20-11/8, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Meal Prep | $38

Planning and making meals ahead for a busy week is a great time saver. Cooking once to cover a week of lunches or breakfast is a game changer. This class include soup, sheet tray dinners/lunches, salad and a couple of breakfast options. Bring containers to take a few meals home for the rest of your week.
#33651, Webb Middle School - Reedsburg, 10/11, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Puppy Kindergarten | $65

This class will learn the secrets of successful puppy training. The puppies will be taught to relinquish an object, enter/exit commands, the off command, and how to retrieve. The puppy will learn basic manners and obedience commands. Information will be given on dog laws grooming, puppy proofing your home, just to name a few. The dog handler must be a minimum of 12 yrs of age. The puppy must have required vaccinations including bordetella (Kennel Cough) and written proof must be provided at the first class. The puppy should be 3 months - 12 months old. This class is held outside and individual class sessions may be rescheduled to due weather.
#33627, Portage, 9/7-10/12, Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 PM
#33638, Reedsburg, 9/10-10/15, Saturday, 8:30-9:30 AM

Slow Cooker Favorites | $53

Want to come home to wonderful smells and warm meal waiting just for you? Make the best slower cooker meals ever. Learn how to get the most from your cooker with proven tops and tricks for how to cook different meats, starches, and vegetables. Find out when to brown, how to layer and how to get the best textures. Practice hands-on making delicious recipes that will become your new favorites. We'll even make a few things you may not have thought of using your slow cooker for including desserts.
#33497, St. Paul Lutheran School - Fort Atkinson, 9/28, Wednesday, 6-9 PM

Soup's On! | $38

This course explores the versatility of one of the most satisfying forms of cuisine. Basic soup-making techniques will be practiced in this hand-on course, from the most basic broths to complex and refined bisques. Topics include broth, hearty broth, cream, puree, specialty, and cold soup. 
#33650, Webb Middle School - Reedsburg, 11/8, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

The Essential Instant Pot | $53

So, you bought an Instant Pot... Now what? Accelerate past the learning curve to see and taste for yourself the easy, fast, and delicious results of this amazing tool. After a basic use demonstration, we'll learn to make satisfying soups, stews, starches, sides, and desserts. You may never cook the same way again.
#33496, St. Paul Lutheran School - Fort Atkinson, 9/26, Monday, 6-9 PM

Wines of California | $35

Take a wine tasting through northern California where you will learn about rich and historic traditions of some of the state's finest regions, including Napa, Sonoma, Santa Barbara, and more, You will taste red and white wine varietals, compare notes, and engage in a lively discussion with your fellow classmates. Please join us for a wine exploration of this great win region that promises to be a fine introduction to a famous and noteworthy wine country. Some wine tasting experience would be beneficial but is not necessary.
#33564, Truax-Main Building, 10/25, Tuesday, 6-8PM

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“Our students go on from here to accomplish great things. I believe in hands-on learning, caring about what the students bring to the class and setting personal and professional goals.”
Hiroko Yamada
Faculty, Madison College
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Photoshop Elements for the Digital Photographer | $99

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to do everything from quick fixes to detailed enhancements that greatly improve the look of your digital images. This course will take you from a novice to an accomplished user.

Lose Weight and Keep It Off | $100

Discover how to establish a healthy approach to weight loss and weight management. By the end of this course, you'll know how to set effective goals for eating, exercise, and many other elements that affect your weight, and be on your way to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success | $115

Learn how to build a solid foundation for your relationship that will last far beyond "I do." Through this course, you will gain key strategies for maintaining your relationship and great tips to help keep the love alive.