There are so many good reasons to keep learning, from career advancement to a sense of personal fulfillment.

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Noncredit Courses

Pick up some new skills for practical purposes or just for fun!

Staging Your Home to Sell | $62

Staging your home to sell is fun, easy and profitable. This class goes beyond decluttering and teaches you what to do (and what not to do) when staging your home. Learn to present and rearrange your home to help buyers appreciate its features.
#63424, Truax-Foundation Centre, 2/16-2/23, Wednesday, 6-9 PM

Photographic Composition Intro | $43

Master the basic tools for creating powerful photographs with creative intention by attracting the eye of the viewer. Learn the basics of composition and examine the work of famous photographers. Improve your own photography.
#63438, Truax-Foundation Centre, 4/18-4/25, Monday, 6-8 PM

Digital Cameras: Portraits | $43

Gain tips and techniques to take portraits and family photos that will be worthy of framing and cherished for decades. Learn about camera controls, lighting, posing and subject arrangement and how to choose the right camera accessories.
#63436, Truax-Foundation Centre, 5/2-5/9, Monday, 6-8 PM

Introduction to Bridge (BB1) | $119

This course is appropriate for new players or people returning to the game after a long absence. Instruction is based on the Standard American System, which is played all over the world. Get tips on basic bidding, play and defense. You will be playing bridge by the end of this course!
#63513, Online Live, 3/25-4/29, Friday, 9-11 AM

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“Our students go on from here to accomplish great things. I believe in hands-on learning, caring about what the students bring to the class and setting personal and professional goals.”
Hiroko Yamada
Faculty, Madison College
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