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Upcoming Courses

Genealogy and History Courses

A culinary history overview course suitable for the professional cook, home chef or novice. The State of the Plate will focus on the culinary evolution of cooking culture and history, primarily in Western Europe and North America, from the renaissance to present day. Focusing on several key turning points in world history, whose effects we still feel today, The State of the Plate will explore how food has been the driving force behind these events. The course will also give insightful overviews of the people and places who shaped European and American cuisine.
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Enrichment Courses

In this course, we'll equip you with the tools and strategies to make grocery shopping easy. You'll learn the art of creating a well-organized grocery list, thoughtfully arranged to make your trip efficient. We'll discuss a plan of attack to set you up for success, navigating the aisles with ease. You'll also explore the power of practicing gratitude when faced with grocery store frustrations. And, if it makes your life easier and happier, we'll delve into the option of having groceries delivered. Join us to transform your grocery shopping routine into a more efficient, gratifying, and ultimately a more enjoyable experience.
#63700, Online Live, 4/17, Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM Instructor: Mary Okon
Learn to appreciate Wisconsin’s ephemeral spring wildflowers in this two-part class which introduces you to some of the most distinctive and beautiful of Wisconsin’s plants. Learn some basic botany skills in the classroom and then take a field trip to a high-quality forest in Madison to put your skills to the test.
#63790, Truax-Health Building, 4/27-5/4, Saturday, 10 AM-12 PM Instructor: Jeff Steele
Interested in herbs and how to grow and use them? Join us for a fun hands-on class on all things herbal! We'll sip tea as we explore garden herbs for health, and learn how to make flavored sugars and honey, syrups for mocktails, and infused alcohols. We will also cover tips for growing herbs, and how to dry and store your harvests. You'll go home with your own tea blend, an herb-infused sugar or syrup, and a brain full of ideas to start your own herb garden!
#63760, Truax-Protective Services, 5/18, Saturday, 10 AM-1 PM Instructor: Katie Hartman-Grohn
Uncover practical tips and strategies for making healthy food choices while dining out. Join discussions on decoding menus, maintaining nutrition without compromising taste, and mastering the art of mindful eating. Leave with actionable insights to effortlessly integrate healthy habits into your dining experiences for a balanced and enjoyable approach to eating out.
#12028, Online Live, 7/17, Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM Instructor: Mary Okon
Celebrate the beauty, lifecycles, and habitats of moths on this class through Cherokee Marsh, Dane County's largest wetland. Learn about our native flowers that bloom at night and the insects that pollinate them as well as tips for creating your own native “moth garden.” Afterwards, we will walk through prairies, woodlands, and sedge meadows to ultraviolet light stations and discover the hidden biodiversity of night-flying pollinators!
#11992, Off-site, 7/19, Friday, 6:45-10:45 PM Instructor: Jeff Steele
Budgets are sometimes a dreadful word for many people. However, taking control of your finances by creating a budget that meets your needs can help you meet your goals in life. In this course, you will learn how to create a budget that aligns with your own goals and values. You’ll have an opportunity to reflect on your own money beliefs and how they influence your spending and saving habits. You will walk away with a budget and strategies to help you stick to your budget.
#12043, Online Live, 7/8-8/5, Monday, 6-8 PM Instructor: Julie Kovalaske
#12044, Comm Ave, 7/9-8/6, Tuesday, 6-8 PM Instructor: Julie Kovalaske
Reclaim control over your daily life. Discover strategies for shedding the burden of too many decisions by optimizing your routine, organizing your day and week for success. Learn the art of handling tasks promptly by eliminating or postponing actions. We'll also explore the power of single-tasking to increase your focus and productivity. Say goodbye to decision fatigue and welcome a more streamlined, efficient, and less stressful way of approaching your day.
#36749, Online Live, 9/18, Wednesday, 11 AM-12 PM Instructor: Mary Okon
#36750, Online Live, 12/11, Wednesday, 11 AM-12 PM Instructor: Mary Okon
The internet provides access to much of the information forecasters use to make their predictions, and you can tap into it. Whether you depend on the weather professionally, want to be a storm spotter, or are simply interested in the topic, you can use the internet to get a much fuller picture of what weather is heading your way, than a weather report. Course topics will include weather terminology, general circulation, the role of water in the atmosphere, air masses, fronts, jets, waves and horizontal and vertical motion. You should come away with the ability to describe in basic terms the physical processes that produce common weather phenomena.
#35202, Truax- Main Building, 10/15-10/29, Tuesdays, 5-7 PM Instructor: Robert McClure
Join us for a transformative journey over four weeks, where we'll explore the art of mindful eating tailored specifically for weight loss. Each session we’ll dive into an essential topic of mindful eating, so you can cultivate a deeper connection with your body and food, paving the way for sustainable weight loss and overall well-being. This is an interactive group coaching course, your participation in class discussions is an essential part of your success! Let’s make mindful eating a simple and easy part of your life!
#36747, Online Live, 10/23-11/13, Wednesday, 5-6 PM Instructor: Mary Okon
A 60-minute group coaching session exploring the transformative concept of the Power of "And," where you don't have to choose or limit yourself. Engage in practical exercises and discussions that illuminate the freedom of embracing multiple possibilities. Discover how this approach allows you to navigate life without constraints, fostering positive shifts and expansive growth. Leave the session with actionable techniques to integrate the Power of "And" into your daily life, empowering you to embrace abundance and possibilities without compromise.
#36748, Online Live, 12/4, Wednesday, 5-6 PM Instructor: Mary Okon

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