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Cooking Courses

Jr. Chef Series - Breakfast 2 | $65

In this class learn how to make some breakfast and brunch favorites, like crepes filled with fruit and cream, as well as from scratch quiche’s! We will discuss quick breads and the different type of mixing methods, while you will prepare, (using the straight dough method)-cinnamon buns! You will learn how to make cream scones using the biscuit method! Students ages 8-13 need a guardian attending class with them. Students 14+ can attend without a guardian, with written consent.
#34319, Truax-Main Building, 12/9, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

Jr. Chef Series - Rice and Pasta Making | $67

Get carbohydrated! In this class we explore how to properly cook several types of rice and make fresh pasta. Walk away with the skills to make rice pilaf perfectly and identify the different flours available for pasta making and when to use egg or water. Students ages 8-13 need a guardian attending class with them. Students 14+ can attend without a guardian, with written consent.
#63683, Truax-Main Building, 2/3, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

Jr. Chef Series - Get Mom and Dad to Eat Their Veggies | $67

Learn how to steam, sauté and roast vegetables and taste the difference with each the cooking method. We will prepare a variety of meats using different methods such as grilling and sous vide. We will discuss food safety like how to prevent cross contamination and the proper temperature for several types of meats. Then go home and get mom and dad eating their meat and veggies!  Students ages 8-13 need a guardian attending class with them. Students 14+ can attend without a guardian, with written consent.
#63682, Truax-Main Building, 4/13, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

The State of the Plate | $105

A culinary history overview course suitable for the professional cook, home chef or novice. The State of the Plate will focus on the culinary evolution of cooking culture and history, primarily in Western Europe and North America, from the renaissance to present day. Focusing on several key turning points in world history, whose effects we still feel today, The State of the Plate will explore how food has been the driving force behind these events. The course will also give insightful overviews of the people and places who shaped European and American cuisine.
#63719, Online Live, 4/3-5/8, Wednesday, 6:30-8 PM

A Night in France | $72

Julia Child knew it; the secrets of French cooking are in the techniques, so we'll touch on some of the basics of sauce-making to make two delightful entrees and the world's best grilled cheese sandwich to boot! Then we'll tackle the intricacies of crepes to make a classic dessert.
#33763, Truax-Main Building, 12/11, Monday, 5:30-8:30 PM

A Night of Mexican Cuisine | $67

Taco night at your place will never be the same!  This class will explore some of the easy ways to upgrade what you wrap your tortillas around. Think carne asada, cochinita pibil and chicken tinga.  We’ll cook up a big batch of homemade beans, cilantro-lime rice and quick pickled red onions.  Round things out with homemade green and red salsas, and finish the meal off with a creamy flan for dessert.
#62413, Truax-Main Building, 1/29, Monday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Indian Cuisine Series | $137

Learn to prepare more delectable Indian favorites! Week 1 features Chicken Biryani (layers of aromatic rice with chicken marinated in aromatic spices and steamed to perfection). Week 2 features Beef Korma (curry in special saffron and nut sauce) with Roomali Roti/bread served with side of onion/tomato relish. Week 3 features Goan style shrimp curry (shrimp in fragrant coconut sauce) served with Aapam (fermented rice crepes) and Masala Chai.
#63668, Truax-Main Building, 1/31-2/14, Wednesday, 6-9 PM

Fresh Pasta and Sauces | $67

For students who ever wondered how to make fresh pasta from scratch, here is the opportunity to get your hands covered in flour! Students will make and form egg pasta into different shapes and stuffed pasta. Then the class will create delicious sauces to accompany freshly made pasta.
#63669, Truax-Main Building, 2/13, Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Rustic Breads and Hearty Soups | $90

Warm up to some rustic breads and hearty soups! Learn how to bake rustic breads using only salt, leavener, water and flour. Prepare and cook flat-breads as well. Enjoy learning about creamy and broth soups and make some to go with your rustic breads!
#63686, Truax-Main Building, 2/17, Saturday, 9 AM-3:30 PM

Mediterranean Cuisine | $67

For almost 50 years, the Mediterranean diet has been the standard bearer for healthy eating, mostly because it’s so darned good!  In this class, we’ll explore easy ways to add the ingredients and flavors of the Levant to your table.  Make your own falafel and accompaniments, braise chicken thighs with lemon and olives, grill beef and serve with the world’s best garlic sauce.  We’ll also construct a grain bowl with slow roasted salmon and more.
#62415, Truax-Main Building, 2/19, Monday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Sushi Basics | $90

Don’t let the sushi chef have all the fun! Come and learn how to spread, layer, tuck and roll your way to sushi heaven. In this fun, hands-on class, you’ll learn all the skills needed to make sushi-rolls at home, including how to prepare sushi rice, select sushi-grade fish, and experiment with other conventional, and less conventional ingredients.
#63667, Truax-Main Building, 2/28-3/6, Wednesday, 6-9 PM

The International Grill | $67

Want to expand on your grill repertoire?  There’s a whole wide world out there that loves cooking over fire, and we’ll explore some of the options in this class.  From the Far East to the Middle East and south of the border, we’ll cook up some easy and delicious meals that you’ll want to try again at home the next time the grill comes out.
#63697, Truax-Main Building, 3/18, Monday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Midwest Pizza Tour | $67

Regional pizza variations abound, but we’ll concentrate on two versions that are common in our neck of the woods, the Detroit thick crust pan pizza, and the Chicago thin bar pie. Each of these well-loved ‘zas are easy to replicate at home with a little planning and know how.  We’ll go over the right kind of sauce, cheese and toppings, and serve them up with an easy caesar salad to boot.
#62418, Truax-Main Building, 4/8, Monday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Anti-inflammatory Cookery | $67

Learn some anti-inflammatory principles in this cooking class including what nutrient dense foods to choose for your eating habits. Find out what foods can help your body and recipes that can help eliminate chronic inflammation. Prepare these types of foods and help your body to bring healthier results.
#63685, Truax-Main Building, 4/9, Tuesday, 5:30-9:30 PM

Menu Planning | $25

In this course, you'll master the art of planning your meals effectively for a more organized and enjoyable dining experience. We'll explore strategies for weekly menu planning, including creating a menu board. You'll also learn how to pivot when life throws you a curveball, whether it's a hectic day or a sudden abundance of ripe avocados. We'll tailor our approach to suit your specific lifestyle, whether you're planning meals just for yourself, for you and your spouse, or for the whole family.
#63699, Online Live, 4/11, Thursday, 6-7:30 PM

Mastering the Grocery Store | $25

In this course, we'll equip you with the tools and strategies to make grocery shopping easy. You'll learn the art of creating a well-organized grocery list, thoughtfully arranged to make your trip efficient. We'll discuss a plan of attack to set you up for success, navigating the aisles with ease. You'll also explore the power of practicing gratitude when faced with grocery store frustrations. And, if it makes your life easier and happier, we'll delve into the option of having groceries delivered. Join us to transform your grocery shopping routine into a more efficient, gratifying, and ultimately a more enjoyable experience.
#63700, Online Live, 4/17, Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM

60-Minute Vegetarian Gourmet | $67

No matter whether you are an omnivore, pascal-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian or a carnivore, everyone can benefit from knowing more ways to prepare vegetables. Vegetables add nutrition to your diet and can be economical gourmet delights.
#63670, Truax-Main Building, 4/16, Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Make Meal Prep Work For You! | $25

We'll guide you in optimizing meal preparation to suit your needs and lifestyle. Discover the perfect time in your weekly schedule for meal prep and learn how to simplify the process by incorporating frozen vegetables, cold meal options, pantry staples, bulk preparation, and utilizing leftovers for the next day. We'll also explore strategies to minimize cleanup. Say goodbye to mealtime stress and hello to a more organized, convenient, and delicious way of nourishing yourself.
#63701, Online Live, 4/25, Thursday, 6-7:30 PM

Baking Courses

Introductory to Cake Decorating | $55

Learn the very basics of cake decorating including tools required, frosting consistency, and basic techniques.
#63811, Truax-Main Building , 2/27, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Intermediate Cake Decorating | $60

Learn to frost and cover with fondant, a 2 layered cake. Decorate your cake with the edible Royal icing decorations as well and fondant decorations you've made. Students need to bring 2 unfrosted layered cake to decorate.
#63812, Truax-Main Building , 3/5, Tuesday, 5;30-9:30 PM

Puff Pastry | $88

Don’t be puzzled by puff pastry. It’s a versatile dough that can be used for both sweet and savory fillings. You’ll learn the techniques professionals use to make the flakiest puff pastry. Then you’ll make classic turnovers, bear claws, palmiers and cinnamon crispies.
#63666, Truax-Main Building , 3/19-3/26, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Jr. Chef Series - Cakes 1 | $66

In this class, you will learn how to make cake and cupcakes from scratch. We will discuss different types of fillings as well as how to layer your cake. Join us in the Cakes 2 class to decorate your cake. Students ages 8-13 need a guardian attending class with them. Students 14+ can attend without a guardian, with written consent.
#63711, Truax-Main Building, 3/2, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

Jr. Chef Series - Cakes 2 | $66

Let your creativity soar in this cake decorating class! With your cake from Cake 2 you learn and apply basic techniques for icing and piping. If not signed up for Jr Chef Cake Baking 1, please bring 2-8inch round cakes for class. Students ages 8-13 need a guardian attending class with them. Students 14+ can attend without a guardian, with written consent.
#63712, Truax-Main Building, 3/9, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

Jr. Chef Series - Baking 1 | $66

You will learn how to make leavened breads (breads that rise!) using leavens such as yeast, baking soda, baking powders or even buttermilk. We will make breads like focaccia, pita, and country biscuits!  Students ages 8-13 need a guardian attending class with them. Students 14+ can attend without a guardian, with written consent.
#63709, Truax-Main Building, 4/20, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

Jr. Chef Series - Baking 2 | $66

Make unleavened breads using only flour, salt and water. Learn how to make breads like tortillas, flatbreads, andarepas (a South American "sandwich" made from maize)!  Students ages 8-13 need a guardian attending class with them. Students 14+ can attend without a guardian, with written consent.
#63710, Truax-Main Building, 4/27, Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM

Beer and Wine Courses

Wine and Cheese Tasting | $45

Wine and cheese are a match made in heaven, but have you ever wondered what wines go best with which cheeses and why? Treat your senses to a night of exploring how the flavors wine and cheese interact to create perfect (or sometimes not so perfect) pairings. You’ll learn cheese and wine tasting techniques and how to describe and evaluate cheese and wine flavor characteristics, all while enjoying delicious wines and a featured cheese selection from Wisconsin creameries.
#63591, Truax-Early Learning Center, 4/13, Saturday, 1-2:30 PM

Make Your Own Wine | $138

During this five week class with commercial winemaker Rob Lewis of Lewis Station Winery and Stable Rock Winery, this winemaking course covers the full winemaking process: from fermentation to bottling. Learn techniques to start or improve your own home winemaking while creating your own wine during class in small teams and hone your wine evaluation skills with topics on sensory evaluation, wine making knowledge and learning some of the secrets to food and wine pairing. Students will get to take some wine home to enjoy.
#62444, Truax-Early Learning Center, 3/28-4/25, Thursday, 6-8 PM

Sparkling Wine Comparison | $45

If you have ever been curious as to whether that expensive bottle of bubbly is truly worth it, now you can find out! In this class, members will sample French Champagne along with other sparkling white wines such as Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava at different price points. There will definitely be some lively discussions among your fellow classmates. So join us for a wine exploration that just might change your mind about cost versus quality when it comes to your wine budget. Some wine tasting experience would be beneficial but not mandatory.
#62424, Truax-Early Learning Center, 5/9, Thursday, 6-8 PM

Blind (Black Glass) Wine Tasting | $45

Learn to evaluate and appreciate wine. Black glass is used so the taster doesn't know if it’s a white, rose’ or red wine. You get to learn the science of taste using a guide to evaluate the wine and then everyone guesses and the wine is revealed at the end of the class.
#33648, Truax-Early Learning Center, 12/13, Wednesday, 6:30-8 PM
#63592, Truax-Early Learning Center, 3/7, Thursday, 6:30-8 PM

Wine and Chocolate Tasting | $45

Treat yourself to an evening of chocolate, wine, and good company. We will begin the evening with small tastes of white, milk, and dark chocolate pairing each nibble with a local crafted wine. The Chocolate & Wine Tasting Experience class pairs four premium Wisconsin chocolates and four local Wisconsin wines. This 1.5 hours course is just the thing to give you an in depth understanding of how to truly taste chocolate and wine to best enhance your flavor experience.
#63589, Truax-Early Learning Center, 2/10, Saturday, 1-2:30 PM

Explore the Cabernet Sauvignon Grape | $45

Take a cabernet sauvignon tasting trip to various locations around the world where you will learn about the rich differences of this most noble grape variety. You will taste cabernet sauvignon from various regions such as California, Australia, South America and more. Compare notes with classmates and engage in a lively discussion about which "cab sauv" is the best. Please join us for a wine exploration of the the very popular cabernet wine that promises to be fun and educational.
#63594, Truax-Early Learning Center, 2/13, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Take a Wine Tasting Tour of German Wine | $45

Explore the wine regions of Germany where you will learn about the rich and historic traditions of some of the area’s finest wine regions, including the Rhinegau, Mosel and more. You will taste the typically sweeter style white wine varietals that Germany is known for.  Compare notes, and engage in a lively discussion with your fellow classmates. Please join us for a wine exploration of this great wine region that promises to be a fun introduction to a famous and noteworthy wine country.
#63596, Truax-Early Learning Center, 3/5, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Italian Wine & Charcuterie Tasting | $45

Italian Wine & Charcuterie Tasting:  Food & Wine Pairing is more than what grows together, goes together, it’s also science. In the Italian Wine & Charcuterie  class, you’ll learn the science of pairing using your own taste buds. You’ll enjoy three different Italian wines with an antipasto board (charcuterie) of cured meats, cheeses, fruit, olives, nuts and more.  Rob will take you on a journey using a  systemic approach to pairing wines that will not only enhance your culinary experience with this Italian tasting, but for all of your future food & wine experiences. A hand out will be provided so you can focus on the learning and enjoyment of the class and not taking notes.
#63588, Truax-Early Learning Center, 3/9, Saturday, 1-3 PM

Does More Money Mean Better Wine? | $45

Have you ever wondered if that $40 bottle of wine is truly better than a $10 bottle? Come join us to do blind tastings of various wine varietals at different price points. You will try Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon at low and high prices. The class promises to be both fun and educational as you learn about what goes into making a bottle of wine. It may surprise you. Class discussions will be lively and entertaining.
#63597, Truax-Early Learning Center, 4/16, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Headshot of Robert Taylor
"It is important to me that students of my classes come away with good information and the confidence to explore the world of wine without worrying about the hype and pretense that often accompanies wine discussions."
Robert Taylor
Faculty, Madison College

Becoming a Foodpreneur

Let Madison College help you create a plan to operate and manage an independent foodservice business! This program addresses mobile and stationary service models for entrepreneurs planning a food truck, cafe, catering service, coffee shop, popup restaurant, on-site culinary services, or festival vending. Foodpreneurs get in the kitchen to develop products and work through kitchen logistics. Receive hands-on training to practice appropriate kitchen conduct that optimizes efficiency and food safety. Students will conduct a market analysis, identify equipment and logistics needs, develop products and services, and create financial projections; all in the process of creating a business plan for a small business.

Classroom lectures are combined with hands-on practices and interactions with subject matter experts, to provide students ample opportunities to integrate theories with experience. This seven-week two-part program provides the flexibility of live remote class sessions during four of the weeks and in-person kitchen time during three of the weeks.

person inside a food truck giving food to customer

Becoming a Foodpreneur - Part 1 | $299 | #62930

Night 1-2, 3-6 PM, Online live - startup content, Instructor: Kay-Tee Olds - 1/30 and 2/1
Night 3-4, 3-6 PM in kitchen, Instructor: Christine Ameigh - 2/6 and 2/8
Night 5-6, 3-6 PM, Online live - startup content, Instructor: Kay-Tee Olds, 2/13 and 2/15
Night 7, 3-6 PM in kitchen, Instructor: Christine Ameigh - 2/20

Becoming a Foodpreneur - Part 2 | $299 | #62956

Night 8, 3-6 PM in kitchen, Instructor: Christine Ameigh - 2/22
Night 9-10, 3-6 PM, Online live - management content, Instructor: Kay-Tee Olds - 2/27 and 2/29
Night 11-12, 3-6 PM in kitchen, Instructor: Christine Ameigh - 3/5 and 3/7
Night 13-14, 3-6 PM, Online live - management content, Instructor: Kay-Tee Olds - 3/19 and 3/21

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