Transform your interest in creating good food into more than a hobby.

Our courses will guide you through the next phase of your culinary career, from starting up a food truck to serving up your own craft beer.

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Noncredit Courses

Check out these food and beverage courses for personal or professional development.

Beer Brewing Science | $329

So you want to be a brewer? Learn the process of fermentation and the biology of yeast and other organisms used in the craft brewing industry. Study beer ingredients, malting processes, hops flavoring and bittering, beer flavor compounds and more. Topics include sanitation procedures. Must be over 21 to register.
#63535, Truax-Health Building, 3/3-4/28, Thursday, 6-9 PM

Beverage Business Startup | $75

Learn the beverage business from local entrepreneur and president of Octopi Brewing, Isaac Showaki. Get tips to set up your company, apply for federal permits, approach investors or banks, create financial projections and more.
#63536, Truax-Health Building, 4/20-4/27, Wednesday, 6-8:30 PM

Catering and Food Truck Startup | $159

Learn how to successfully start a catering or mobile food truck business. Discuss how to navigate the legal regulations, food trends, required tasks and more. Create documents you can apply to your business plan.
#63496, Online Live, 1/31-2/9, Mon/Wed, 5-8 PM

Food Truck: Kitchen Logistics | $299

Apply your mobile food business ideas to the practical realities of a food truck or cart. Through hands-on simulated commissary and food truck environments, you will learn tips in menu planning and production that will maximize efficiency, food safety and profit and help you turn your food truck business dream.
#63561, Feed Kitchens, 3/21-4/6, Mon/Wed, 5-8 PM

Catering and Food Truck Management | $159

Learn to navigate the challenges that are unique to catering and food truck businesses. Learn to market and staff your business for sustainable growth while continuing to build a business plan that serves as a living document for your individual business.
#63495, Online Live, 2/28-3/9, Mon/Wed, 5-8 PM

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Dietary Manager Program

This five-course program is focused on food service operations and nutrition within a healthcare or commercial environment (hospitals, acute or long-term care facilities).

The Dietary Manager Program is approved by the Association of National Foodservice Professionals (ANF) and meets the eligibility requirements for CDM, CFPP Credentialing Exam.

Program Courses

You must submit an application prior to enrolling in any of the 5 courses, whether you choose to pursue certification or not.

General Nutrition | $299

Learn the building blocks of a healthy and balanced diet.
#63613, Online, 2/22-4/4

Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 | $299

MNT is a key component of diabetes education and management. Learn to help others eat healthier for a longer life.
#63622, Online, 1/2-5/16

Going Green in Food Service | $299

Discover sustainable practices you can put to use in your business.
#63621, Online, 1/18-2/28

Food Service Management 1

(fall semester)

Food Service Management 2

(fall semester)

How to Apply

To apply to the program, students must complete the student application for admission. There are no application fees required to apply for this program and out-of-state students may take these online courses with no additional out-of-state tuition.

Download the Dietary Manager Program Application (PDF)

Looking for a Career?

Turn your people skills into a career you love! Choose a FAST TRACK to a hospitality associate degree or technical diploma.

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>FAST> Hospitality Management Associate Degree

Our associate degree program will prepare you for the fast-paced world of hospitality by training you in leadership, problem-solving, communications and business.
61 credits | Finish in 2 years

>>FASTER>> Hospitality Specialist Technical Diploma

If you’re interested in working in the hospitality industry but unsure which area suits you best, this program is a great way to explore your options. You’ll gain hands-on experience, improve your communication and team building skills and prepare for a wide range of positions in the hospitality industry.
36 credits | Finish in 1 year or less

>>>FASTEST>>> Hospitality Assistant Technical Diploma

This part-time program allows you to work toward a career in hospitality without leaving your day job. Our flexible, online Hospitality Assistant program will hone your communication skills, teach you customer service essentials and help you explore career options in hospitality.
9 credits | Finish in 1-2 semesters