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Noncredit Courses

Check out these graphic design courses for personal or professional development.

Adobe Lightroom | $179

Students will become familiar with using Adobe Lightroom to import, view, and organize photos. Students will edit photos for white balance, exposure, tonal adjustments, saturation, color, and how to apply various filters. Students will also learn how to create web galleries, and slideshows. Intermediate-level computer skills recommended. 
#33393, Truax-Health Building, 10/11-11/18, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Adobe InDesign Intro | $179

Develop the skills needed to create professional looking fliers, brochures and other multi page documents with confidence. Topics include how to set up specially sized documents, flow in and format text, use and create various styles, work with color, place graphics and output for commercial or desktop printing. Intermediate-level computer skills required.
#33400, Online Live, 9/8-10/6, Thursday, 6-9 PM

Adobe InDesign Intermediate | $179

Gain greater proficiency in techniques that improve workflow. Learn keyboard shortcuts text and object styles and how to build multiple page documents. Perfect the use of master pages, work with tables, apply special effects and use such advanced options as the Books feature. Prior experience with InDesign is expected.
#33399, Online Live, 10/13-11/10, Thursday, 6-9 PM

Adobe Photoshop Intro | $179

Learn to adjust color, add and use layers, apply filters for different effects, dodge and burn, create gradients and cut out sections of a picture. You’ll also practice cropping, sizing, correcting color and contrast removing red eye while recognizing the importance of pixel-based images, their qualities and limitations. Photos will be prepared for print and email/on-screen use. Intermediate-level computer skills required.
#33503, Online Live, 10/4-11/1, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Adobe Photoshop Intermediate | $179

Continue to explore Adobe Photoshop in this intermediate course. Learn masking, blending, creating effects and adjusting layers and type to create exciting digital compositions. You also will gain proficiency using keyboard shortcuts and improve workflow skills. Prior experience with Photoshop is expected. 
#33486, Truax-Main Building, 11/8-12/6, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Adobe Illustrator Intro | $179

Vector images play an important role in the creative process. Learn the basics of creating beautiful vector images, gain an understanding of anchor points and paths, and then select, edit and manipulate them using the selection tools and modifier keys. Gain experience using the shape, transform, paintbrush and pen tools to create logos, backgrounds and simple illustrations. Intermediate-level computer skills required.
#33398, Online Live, 9/6-10/4, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Adobe Illustrator Intermediate | $179

In this course students will continue to explore the drawing and design capabilities of Adobe Illustrator to create layouts and more complex vector illustrations. Hands-on-exercises will help build upon the skills learning in the Illustrator Intro course. Learners will be introduced to working with layers, the pathfinder panel, adding effects, and managing appearance attributes. In all, this course will reinforce the necessary knowledge and skills needed for working with vector paths.
#33397, Online Live, 10/11-11/8, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Basic Graphic Design Skills | $105

In this course, students will learn basic skills needed to function in the world of graphic and web design. Among the topics covered in this course will be design fundamentals, color theory, raster vs. vector imaging concepts, and Mac OS vs. Window interfaces. Students will learn how Adobe Creative Cloud works and learn why they would use specific Adobe tools or their open source alternatives to solve various design problems. This course will prepare students to take Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Introduction courses.
#33603, Online Live, 9/13-9/27, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Design Processes and Procedures | $199

Students will learn best practices for building professional, quality documents, along with proper software application. This course includes a mixture of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to combine vector and raster images into advanced layouts. The course will focus on workflow for print production and will include the completion of a 2-color, a 4-color, and a multi-page document. Topics for the projects will be offered in class, but you’re encouraged to come up with your own. Required prerequisite: intermediate experience with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign (such as completing the introductory courses for all three).
#33401, Truax-Main Building, 11/15-12/13, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

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Professional Development Courses

Professional Graphic Design Certificate

This digital credential will help you build on your existing computer skills and strengthen your know-how about both print design and digital documents.  If you are a professional who already knows the basics of graphic design, this certificate will help you take your skills to the next level.

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Online Course

Check out this 100% online, instructor-led, self-paced study on your own schedule professional development course in partnership with ed2go.

Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design

Are you interested in Graphic Design? Does visually appealing media catch your attention? If you are ready to take your art to the digital realm, this course is for you. Design skills using Adobe programs are in demand, and this course teaches the three programs focused on visual design. You will build your skills in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

You will also be prepared for the Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Adobe Certified Associate certifications. By earning two of these certifications, you will gain the Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design certification. You will need to obtain one Photoshop certification and either one Illustrator or InDesign certification to qualify for the Visual Design certification.

This course enrollment includes vouchers. The voucher is pre-paid access to sit for the certifying exam upon eligibility.

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Looking for a Career?

Create visuals that get results professionally and artistically.

>FAST> Graphic Design Associate Degree

Combine your love of art with in-demand business skills with our associate degree in Graphic Design. This two-year program will help you build your portfolio, learn professional graphic design software and understand emerging business trends.
68 credits | Finish in 2 years