Start on a career that combines your love of technology and education by becoming a technology and engineering education teacher.

Learn how to be the one who provides training to students in a variety of subjects, including auto repair, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and more.

instructor showing students how to use a lathe
“Becoming a technology education teacher is a great idea because you get to share your passion for technology, engineering and trades with students. You are helping them explore what their futures could be with the skills you are teaching them.”
Eric Sutkay
Technology Education Teacher

Become a Technology Educator

As a technology educator, you’ll develop age-appropriate lesson plans, instruct students in a particular area of study, demonstrate how to use relevant equipment and tools, supervise and evaluate students’ use of such equipment, discuss progress with students (and their parents if teaching in middle or high school) and to enforce classroom rules and safety procedures.

Technology Education Teachers Are in High Demand

School districts across Wisconsin need licensed technology educators to teach in their middle and high schools.

The other types of jobs someone with this degree could get include community college technology teacher, trade school instructor, carpentry instructor or technology instruction coordinator.

Guaranteed Admission at UW-Platteville

Madison College partnered with UW-Platteville to create a pathway for students to begin their teacher training at Madison and finish at Platteville.

Start at Madison College

Enroll in Madison College's Liberal Arts Transfer – Education Pre-Major program, where you'll follow the technology education pathway.

At Madison College, you’ll enjoy our low tuition, flexible course options and modern facilities at our convenient campus locations as you take your general education courses (Gen Eds) plus electives such as automotive, engineering, metalworking and industrial mechanics.

You'll also take our Introduction to Education and Teaching course in your first semester, where we'll introduce you to education and teaching through practical experience in school settings, group discussions, and individual reflection.

Complete Madison College's pre-major program with a 2.750 cumulative GPA or higher to get guaranteed admission to UW-Platteville’s School of Education.

Guaranteed admission means your Madison College credits will automatically transfer with you to UW-Platteville!

student working with electrical equipment in lab
“Being a tech ed teacher is a great idea because it's something new and different all the time! You get a chance to be a 'jack of all trades'. Being a tech ed teacher allows you to tailor your career to your interests and skills.”
Anna Vitale
Technology Education Teacher

Finish at UW-Platteville

Transfer to UW-Platteville, where you’ll study professional education and technology (metals, woods, drafting, construction, photography and more), plus your student teaching experience to finish your bachelor’s degree and get certified to teach in a middle or high school setting.

Get Started On Your Tech Ed Teaching Career

student using a table saw in a woods class

Apply to Madison College and select the "Liberal Arts Transfer - Education" as your primary program.

Apply Today!

Once admitted, we'll work with you to develop a structured path for completing an associate degree at Madison College by choosing courses that best match your teaching interests at your preferred transfer institution.


Contact Penny Johnson at for more information about our Education Pre-Major program and college transfer opportunities for education majors.