Biotechnology Laboratory Technician - 3 Year Program Option

This plan of courses is provided for individuals who want to work part-time toward a Biotechnology associate degree. For the student who needs to work more than 15 hours each week, or has family or personal obligations that require taking a reduced course load, the Biotechnology program has developed a three-year program of study leading to the AAS. Each year, the majority of entering students choose this plan over the traditional two-year course of study to allow them to focus on maximizing success and learning while still meeting their other obligations. Students often are able to find part-time industry jobs that provide additional professional experience beyond what they might earn on the two-year plan.

The three-year plan is slightly flexible; however all modifications must be made in consultation with a program faculty advisor. This plan has been created with all program and course prerequisites in mind; deviation from this plan may add an additional year to the time needed to earn the degree.


The courses listed below outline the requirements for graduation for students entering this program. Requirements for graduation may vary depending on the semester in which a student is admitted to the program. Program requirements are subject to change.

FIRST YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-110 Biotech Applications (1)
10-007-108 Hazardous Materials (1)
10-007-115 General Cell Biology (4)
20-806-201 General, Organic and Biological Chemistry* (5)
Semester Total Credits (11)

*Students who have not taken high school chemistry or General Chemistry at Madison College (10-806-134) should take 10-806-134 and see a Biotechnology program instructor for advising to create a personalized three-year plan.

FIRST YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-111 Biotech Career Seminar (1)
10-007-136 Laboratory Math for Biotechnology (1)
10-007-103 Biotech. Lab. Skills for a Regulated Workplace (3)
10-007-105 Bioprocess Technology (3)
20-806-216 Chemistry for Biotechnology (3)
Semester Total Credits (11)

SECOND YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-123 Cell Culturing (3)
10-007-124 Molecular Biology I (3)
10-801-195 Written Communication† (3)
10-809-199 Psychology of Human Relations† (3)
Semester Total Credits (12)

† Or college transfer alternative

SECOND YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-104 Chromatography Techniques (3)
10-007-125 Research Methods in Molecular Biology (3)
10-007-174 Applied Microbiology (4)
Semester Total Credits (10)

THIRD YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)
10-007-112 Biotech. Employment Skills (1)
10-007-122 Protein Bioseparations Methods (3)
10-007-152 Making Biotechnology Products (2)
10-801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication† (3)
10-809-197 Contemporary American Society† (3)
Semester Total Credits (12)

† Or college transfer alternative

THIRD YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-121 Applied Biochemistry (3)
10-007-126 Occupational Work Experience (3)
10-809-195 Economics† (3)
Elective (3)
Semester Total Credits (12)

Note: Completion of the program requires a 3-credit elective. This elective can be taken any semester or during the summer.

Transfer opportunities

This program is not offered online.

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