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Bridge Programs

Bridge programs at Madison College can help you make a successful transition to college, while helping you refresh your skills for degree programs. Students in bridge programs complete the same required program coursework while receiving extra support in these pathway options.

The requirements for bridge programs include, but are not limited to:

• Taking the Course Placement Test
• Meeting with a transition specialist

Contact us with questions or fill out our interest form today to learn more about our bridge programs.

  • Administrative Professional

    Do you have an interest in becoming an administrative professional?

    The Administrative Professional Bridge program allows you the opportunity to:

    • Review math, English, reading and computer skills before beginning your first college class.
    • Receive intensive academic and career advising support.
    • Earn multiple credentials in three semesters.

    Build your administrative skills with these essential one-credit courses:

    • Outlook
    • Keyboard Skillbuilding
    • Customer Contact Skills

    Go on to earn multiple credentials:

    • Microsoft Office technical diploma
    • Office Assistant technical diploma
    • Administrative Professional associate degree

    With 13 credits, you can get a job as:

    • Word Processing Presentations Specialist
    • Office Clerk
    • Data Entry Specialist
  • Biotech

    The Biotechnology Bridge program at Madison College will provide you the tools you need to begin your dream job working in a scientific laboratory in one year.

    The biotech program includes:

    • Introductory classes in math and science
    • Free academic support classes
    • A Biotechnology Laboratory Support diploma – recognized and demanded by biotech companies
    • 12 college credits in bioscience and chemistry, which significantly decrease the time needed to obtain an associate’s degree in biotechnology.

    Upon completion, you may choose to pursue studies in:

    • Enter a biotechnology laboratory technician associate’s program
    • A biotechnology baccalaureate program
  • Construction

    According to a recent graduate survey, the average entry-level annual pay range for construction/remodeling is $22,000 to $35,000 plus benefits. Earning potential in this field can reach $50,000 or more in three to five years.

    The Construction Essentials Bridge program provides students the opportunity to:

    • Review math, English and computer skills before beginning your first college course.
    • Complete the 6-credit Construction Essentials Certificate.
    • Take academic support classes in reading, writing and mathematics during your first semester of college.
    • Receive intensive academic and career advising support while you are enrolled in your first semester of college.

    The Construction Essentials Certificate consists of four courses:

    • Workplace Safety
    • Workplace Communication for Industry
    • Applied Math for Construction
    • Fundamentals of Construction
  • Culinary Arts

    Are you interested in working in a professional kitchen?

    The Culinary Bridge program will give you the tools you need to work as a professional chef in less than one year.

    The Culinary Bridge prepares you with:

    • Introductory classes in reading, math, sanitation and food theory.
    • Free academic support classes.
    • An initial 14-credit diploma, which allows you to immediately enter the industry as a line cook or prep cook.
    • Ability to continue with a one-year Culinary Production Specialist technical diploma, which allows you to work as a sous chef or garde manager.
    • All courses are embedded within the two-year Culinary Arts associate degree.
  • Hospitality

    The Hospitality Bridge program at Madison College provides you the chance to:

    • Review math, English, reading and computer skills before beginning your first college class.
    • Earn a 9-credit technical diploma as a Hospitality Assistant.
    • All credits count toward the one-year Hospitality Specialist technical diploma and/or the two-year Hospitality Management associate degree.
    • Receive intensive academic and career advising support.

    The Hospitality Assistant technical diploma consists of three courses:

    • Exploring Hospitality
    • Business Communication
    • Oral/Interpersonal Communication 

    With 9 credits, you can get a job as a:

    • Concierge
    • Host or Hostess
    • Front Desk
    • Housekeeping
    • Maintenance
    • Shuttle/Transportation
  • Manufacturing

    On average, students who complete advanced industrial maintenance, manufacturing, and welding degrees at Madison College earn $23 per hour.  Jobs in this field are in high demand, so enroll today!

    The Manufacturing Bridge program will help you:

    • Build skills in technology, math and communication.
    • Complete the 7-credit Industrial Maintenance Manufacturing Essentials certificate.  The curriculum for the certificate includes the following classes:
      • Safety for Industry
      • Workplace Communication 1
      • Industrial Fluid Power 1
      • Machine Tool Math 1
      • Interpreting Engineer Drawings

    Put the credits earned in your certificate towards an advanced manufacturing degree, such as:

    • Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology (associate degree)
    • Basic Industrial Power (embedded technical diploma)
    • Electrical Maintenance (embedded technical diploma)
    • Industrial Maintenance Technician (two-year technical diploma)
    • Industrial Mechanic (one-year technical diploma)
    • Industrial Mechanic—HVAC (one-year technical diploma)
    • Machine Tool Technics (two-year technical diploma)
    • Machine Tool Operations (embedded technical diploma)
    • Metal Fabrication (one-year technical diploma)
    • Welding (one-year technical diploma)


    Brad Baranowski


    Theresa Valencia


  • Chemistry/Math Pre-Health Bridge

    The Pre-Health Bridge program at Madison College will give you a jump start on your health or vet tech program algebra and chemistry prerequisites. This Bridge program allows students to complete the chemistry and algebra prerequisite in one semester:

    • Applied Math for Chemistry (77854756)
    • General Chemistry (10806134)

    Students who do not meet the math requirements for a traditional General Chemistry 134 class co-enroll in Applied Math for Chemistry class, and the related General Chemistry 134 Bridge section.

    The Pre-Health Bridge program helps you: 

    • Start your program faster. Bridge students start their program up to a year earlier than traditional students.
    • Get extra support in chemistry and math courses.
    • Take classes that are specific to health topics and relevant to your future classes and career.

    Qualified Pre-Health Bridge students will have completed one of the following:

    Math Prerequisite:

    • COMPASS score Pre-Algebra 42-99 or
    • COMPASS score Algebra 1-29 or
    • ACCP score Arithmetic 76-120 or
    • ACT Math score 17-19 or
    • the completion of Basic Algebra (74854793) or CAM Math Arith/Pre-Algebra (74854711) with a C or better 

    Reading Prerequisite: ACT Read 18+ or COMP Read 80+ or ACCP Read 80+

    Upon completion, you may choose to pursue studies in:

    • Associate Degree Nursing (R.N.)
    • Dental Assistant
    • Dental Hygienist
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Lab Technician
    • Occupational Therapy Assistant
    • Physical Therapist Assistant
    • Radiography
    • Respiratory Therapist
    • Surgical Technologist
    • Therapeutic Massage
    • Veterinary Technician

    Contact the Pre-Health Bridge Advisor, Jose Luna, at or (608) 258-2378, or call the South Campus main office at (608) 243-4200 to schedule an appointment to learn more about the Health Bridge or to enroll in the program.

  • Medical Administrative Specialist

    The Medical Administrative Specialist Bridge program provides you the opportunity to:

    • Review math, English, reading and computer skills before beginning your first college class.
    • Receive intensive academic and career advising support.
    • Earn multiple credentials in three semesters.

    Build your medical administrative skills at MATC with these essential courses:

    • Outlook (1 credit)
    • Keyboard Skillbuilding (1 credit)
    • Customer Contact Skills (1 credit)
    • Medical Language for the Business Professional 1 (2 credits)

    Go on to earn multiple credentials:

    • Healthcare Receptionist technical diploma
    • Medical Billing Specialist technical diploma
    • Medical Administrative Specialist associate degree

    With 21 credits, you can get a job as:

    • Medical Billing Specialist
    • Collections Analyst
    • Patient Account Services
    • Medical Receptionist
    • Medical Appointment Scheduler
    • Medical Customer Service Representative
  • Accelerated Learning Program - English (ALP-E)

    Do you struggle at times reading through difficult material, doing scholarly research and writing long academic essays?

    Would you like more individual support? The Accelerated Learning Program in English at Madison College will give you extra support in meeting English requirements that transfer to most major colleges and universities.

    ALP-E students take these courses in the same semester:

    • · English 1
    • · Academic Writing 5/6

    The program is designed to help students identify and practice strategies that will improve their college-level reading, research and writing skills. While it adds additional in-class hours, that extra time gives students the opportunity to get extra help from their instructor and peers to complete their English 1 assignments successfully.

    Qualified ALP-E students:

    • ACCUPLACER: ACCUPLACER WritePlacer 3-4, Sentence Skills 53-69 & Reading 77-120 WritePlacer 3-4
    • Sentence Skills 53-69 & Reading 77-120, or
    • ACT English score 13-13 and Reading 17-36