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Bridge Programs

Bridge programs at Madison College can help you make a successful transition to college, while helping you refresh your skills for degree programs. Students in bridge programs complete the same required program coursework while receiving extra support in these pathway options.

The requirements for bridge programs include, but are not limited to:

• Taking the Course Placement Test
• Meeting with a transition specialist

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The Biotechnology Bridge program at Madison College will provide you the tools you need to begin your dream job working in a scientific laboratory in one year.

This program includes:

  • Introductory classes in math and science
  • Free academic support classes
  • A Biotechnology Laboratory Support Diploma – recognized and demanded by biotech companies
  • 12 college credits in bioscience and chemistry, which significantly decrease the time needed to obtain an associate’s degree in biotechnology.

Upon completion, you may choose to pursue studies in:

  • Enter a biotechnology laboratory technician associate’s program
  • A biotechnology baccalaureate program

According to a recent graduate survey, the average entry-level annual pay range for construction/remodeling is $22,000 to $35,000 plus benefits. Earning potential in this field can reach $50,000 or more in three to five years.

The Construction Essentials Bridge Program provides students the opportunity to:

  • Review math, english and computer skills before beginning your first college course
  • Complete the 6-credit Construction Essentials Certificate
  • Take academic support classes in reading, writing and mathematics during your first semester of college
  • Receive intensive academic and career advising support while you are enrolled in your first semester of college

The Construction Essentials Certificate consists of four courses:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Communication for Industry
  • Applied Math for Construction
  • Fundamentals of Construction
Industrial Maintenance

On average, students who complete industrial maintenance advanced degrees at Madison College earn between $18.80/hour and $27.00/hour. Jobs in this field are in high demand, so enroll today.

This bridge program will help you:

  • Build skills in technology, math, and communication
  • Complete the 7-credit Industrial Maintenance Essentials Certificate

Put the credits earned in your certificate towards an advanced degree, such as:

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician (2-year technical diploma)
  • Industrial Mechanic (1-year technical diploma)
  • Industrial Mechanic—HVAC (1-year technical diploma)