Catering Services

Table set-up of a hosted event

Madison College Catering can provide a distinct and elegant touch to your on-campus event. To view our full catering menu, please contact our Catering department via email or call (608) 243-4050. Please keep in mind that we're willing to work with you to come up with new and delicious offerings for your occasion.

  • Before you can order catering, you must reserve a room following the steps outline above. Your room must be confirmed by Event Services before catering can finalize your request.
  • Submit your catering requests at least one week in advance.
  • If you have catering questions or concerns, please contact us at (608) 243-4050 or email Catering.

Madison College Catering has the right of first refusal before any outside catering service for all Madison College events. The Finance Office will not approve payment to outside caterers without preauthorization from Food Services. Small gatherings with potluck meals and similar contributed offerings will be the only exception.