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Education Abroad

Think Globally, Enroll Locally and Study Abroad

Our education abroad programs strive at “transforming lives, one at a time.” Study abroad is an experience that not only provides you with "real world" competencies, but has the potential to change the way you see the world.

Madison College's study abroad programs are offered in many different formats to suit the varied needs of our students. Check eligibility requirements before applying. 

Short-term programs lasting from 10 days to 2 weeks, provide a window to the world accessible to almost any student. Full semester programs offer students the opportunity to live abroad, giving a rich understanding of another culture.

Always consider researching or checking into financial aid or scholarship opportunities for one of these life changing experiences. Education and Study Abroad Programs will provide the detail to learn more about Madison College’s education and study abroad opportunities.

Madison College offers programs worldwide in Central America, Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and North America.


Education and Study Abroad Programs