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Flexible and Online Learning

Madison College understands many students fit school into a busy life schedule. That's why you can choose from a variety of instruction modes that allow you to work around your commitments.

  • Accelerated learning allows students to complete some degree programs on an accelerated schedule by attending classes just one evening a week and completing the rest of your studies online.
  • Flex Choice learning allows you to choose between fully in-person instruction, fully online instruction, or a combination of the two. 
  • Hybrid learning is an approach that balances classroom face time with your instructor and classmates and online learning.
  • In-person learning is the traditional classroom-based instruction mode with scheduled meetings and attendance guidelines.  
  • Online learning gives you the option to take a few courses or even an entire program online.
  • Telepresence learning offers a live face-to-face experience by broadcasting the lecture from one specially designed classroom to another.

If you have never participated in online or accelerated learning at Madison College, the first step is to complete the required Orientation to Online and Accelerated Learning.

Before your online course begins or before you register, prepare for flexible learning and review online learning etiquette. You can also contact a course instructor before registering for an online or hybrid course to get your questions answered, ensure an online course is right for you, and understand what to expect.

  • Accelerated Learning

    Accelerated Learning at Madison College allows you to get your degree by attending classes just one evening per week and completing the rest of your studies online. This is an ideal way for working adults with busy lives to advance their education and their careers.

    Accelerated Learning offers many advantages:

    • You can complete your business degree while working full time.
    • Classes meet only one evening per week for six to eight weeks, cutting in-class time in half.
    • Students can focus on one class at a time.
    • You can start a program whenever it's convenient for you.
    • Accelerated classes rely on a variety of teaching methods to fit different schedules and learning styles.
    • You can earn college credit for your work experience.

    Madison College offers these Accelerated Associate Degrees:

  • Flex Choice Learning

    Flex Choice courses are designed for individuals who need flexibility in completing their coursework by allowing the student to choose between fully classroom-based instruction, fully online instruction, or a combination of the two. You may choose whether to come to campus during the scheduled class time or to complete activities and assignments online at another time. Exam, labs and other activities, if not completed during the scheduled time, may require completion in a supervised or proctored setting. 

  • Hybrid Learning

    Hybrid courses combine online instruction for projects and fieldwork with the right amount of face time with your instructor and classmates. Meet in class for part of the semester and work online for the rest!

    Hybrid courses at Madison College combine the best of traditional face-to-face teaching with innovative online learning methods. 

    • Students will be expected to attend scheduled face-to-face class sessions, but the number and/or length of the classroom time will vary depending on the nature of the course and the instructor.
    • As little as 1/3 or as much as 3/4 of the traditional classroom instruction will be replaced with the online instructional methods.
    • The online instruction component will promote student engagement through enhanced interaction with course material.

    ​The difference between hybrid learning and Flex Choice learning is that hybrid learning has regularly scheduled classroom instruction. Flex Choice learning allows the student to determine which scheduled classroom sessions they attend. 

  • Online Learning

    Overview of Online Learning

    Online learning at Madison College allows you to attend classes when and where it's convenient for you. You can take an entire certificate or degree program online, or just take an online class or two. Either way, you can do it on a flexible schedule without having to travel to and from campus regularly. Some courses require on-campus labs, presentations or proctored testing.

    Aside from saving commuting time, online courses require about the same time commitment as other courses. Most online courses are 16 weeks long and typically require at least 9 to 12 hours per week for reading, discussion, and assignments. Just as in face-to-face classes, online instructors set their own deadlines, policies and grading systems. You'll learn exactly the same skills in an online course as you would by taking the same course in a classroom.

    But there are some important differences, too. Interacting with your classmates and instructors can sometimes be more challenging in an online environment. Online Learning Etiquette provides you with some important tips on how to succeed as part of an online learning community.

    Online Course Registration

    You have until the day before the class starts to register. However, after that point, you must obtain permission from the instructor to register for the course.

    When you first select the class, be sure to check the box labeled "Wait list if class is full." Students are automatically enrolled as space becomes available. You can check your position on the wait list by looking at your class schedule in myMadisonCollege.

    Once you are registered or on the waitlist, you can enter your online course in Blackboard. You must log in on or before the first day of class.

    Online Programs and Certificates

    These programs are available online:

    These certificates are offered completely or partially online:

    To see if Madison College can offer classes and programs in your state, please see the Distance Learning Authorization Board map.

  • Telepresence Learning

    Telepresence technology makes it possible to link two (or more) classrooms that are geographically distant from each other. Madison Area Technical College is the first college in the world to use Cisco Telepresence for the delivery of education.

    When you enter the telepresence classroom, you will see three large screens at the front of the room, tables and chairs arranged in a semi-circle, and microphones on the desk. At the top of the middle screen you will see a set of three cameras. These cameras allow the other location(s) to see what is happening in your room. 

    Telepresence classes typically follow in-person class guidelines and attendance requirements. Your instructor will let you know if they are following hybrid or Flex Choice processes.