Get Help Paying for College

Madison College has options for you

College For Every Budget

In these difficult times, many students find themselves worried about paying for college. Some are even thinking of putting college off.

At Madison College, we urge you to stay focused on your goals. Whether you plan to join the workforce as soon as you can or aim to transfer to a four-year college, we have you covered.

Affordable tuition

We mean it. Our cost-per-credit is one of the lowest in the area. In fact, you save an average of nearly $13,000 per year by choosing Madison College over other area schools.

Paying lower tuition leads to less student loan debt and a higher, faster financial return.

Financial aid

Even with affordable tuition costs, you may need help covering your school expenses. Complete a FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, to see if you are eligible for financial aid.

You could receive money in the form of grants, loans or work-study. Our financial aid staff are available to answer your questions. Fill out your FAFSA today!


The Madison College Foundation provides scholarship opportunities to new and current students. The best part of scholarships is that you never have to pay it back!

Apply for a scholarship today!

Wolfie’s Wallet

Get tips on money management for life as a student and after graduation. Take part in workshops that teach you about student loan debt, maintaining a budget and more.

Now that you know all the options Madison College has to offer, take a look at more information on how to pay for your Madison College education.