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Honors Program


The Madison College Honors Program is a college-wide, project-based program. Qualified students work with an honors supervising faculty member over the course of a semester to develop an honors project within the faculty member’s discipline. The student and faculty member complete an Honors Program Learning Contract and determine the learning objectives, meeting schedule, required resources and criteria for grading the honors project. Faculty and students from more than 75 programs, departments and disciplines across the College participate in the Honors Program. Students from all Madison, Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg and Watertown campuses, as well as online students, can participate. The Madison College Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council.


  • Program Overview
    • You can enroll in two to three honors project credits per semester.
    • Each honors project credit requires 51 hours of work. Work includes activities such as meetings, research, reading, writing, designing, drawing, building, recording, practicing and/or developing and giving presentations. 
    • The honors project is graded at the end of the semester by the honors faculty member. 
    • If qualified, you can take up to six honors project credits during your time at Madison College.
    • Honors students who successfully complete four to six honors project credits with a minimum AB average are recognized with a medallion.  
    • You may apply for an Honors Project Materials Scholarship each semester for resources needed to complete your project.
    • You are encouraged to present your honors project at the end of the semester at the Honors Competition. The first, second and third place winners receive an award, as well as, financial support to present at the next Upper Midwest Regional Honors Conference.


    • Current Madison College students with at least 12 earned college credits and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
    • High School graduating seniors who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher.
    • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher to remain eligible for the Honors Program.
  • Benefits of Participation
    • Working closely with an honors program faculty member
      Honors Medallion
    • Learning more about a topic
    • Learning new skills
    • Having your honors project listed on your transcript
    • Receiving strong letters of recommendation from your honors faculty members
    • Increased competitiveness for scholarships and awards
    • Receiving a medallion for completion of four to six honors project credits
    • Special recognition in the written Madison College Graduation Program
    • Increased competitiveness when transferring to other colleges and universities
    • Increased competitiveness in the job market
    • Receiving benefits from Edgewood College through the Honors Program Articulation Agreement
  • Getting Started
    1. Review the Honors Program website.
    2. Identify a full- or part-time Madison College faculty member who is willing to supervise your honors project. If the faculty member has not completed the honors faculty workshop, he or she will need to do so before being eligible to supervise your honors project.
    3. Contact the honors program director to express your interest in the Honors Program and get more information.
    4. Work with your honors supervising faculty member to develop an honors project. You may enroll in two to three credits for each honors project. One credit equals 51 hours of work.
    5. Work with your honors supervising faculty member to develop and submit a completed Honors Program Learning Contract to the administrative coordinator of the school in which the honors project is being conducted. This action enrolls you in the honors project and Honors Program. Learning contracts are due by 4:30 p.m. on the designated date (See Important Dates).
    6. Wait for notification by the honors advisory committee of approval of your honors project before starting work on it. Notification of approval of your project will be sent to you and your honors supervising faculty member by email.
    7. Once your honors project is approved and you are officially enrolled, you will meet weekly with your honors supervising faculty member throughout the semester as you work on your project. At the end of the semester, your faculty supervisor will submit a final grade using the A-F grading scale.
    8. You will receive one of three types of feedback form the Honors Advisory Committee:
      1. Approved. If you are approved you may begin work on your honors project
      2. Approved with Clarification. If you receive feedback that you are Approved with clarification you must clear up something within the Learning Contract that is causing   confusion. We may need to go back-and-forth with e-mails as we clear up the confusion. Once the clarifications meet with the Committee’s satisfaction then you will receive an e-mail approving your project. You may then begin work on your project.
      3. Modify and Resubmit. If you receive feedback that you must Modify and Resubmit then it may take several e-mails or a meeting with the Honors Program Director to work through a bigger structural problem or several points of confusion. The Revised Learning Contract is then voted on again by the Honors Advisory Committee. You will receive an e-mail with the Committee’s decision to either approve or continue to iron out the problems. The job of the Committee is to ensure high quality, feasible, rigorous projects. The Honors Director will continue to work with the Faculty member and the student until the Project is approved or modified into a more feasible or clear project.
    9. During the review and approval of the Learning Contract it is the student’s responsibility to response to requests for clarification and/or modification within a couple of days to speed the approval process along.
    10. Need money for your honors project? Please review the Materials Scholarship Application Instructions. As you begin working on your honors project, you may need to purchase materials to complete the project. An Honors Project Materials Scholarship is available to help defray these costs. Materials Scholarship awards range from $50 to $150 per honors project. Download the Materials Scholarship Application form. Honors Students interested in applying for a Materials Scholarship should submit an application that outlines:
      • The supplies and materials needed
      • How these resources will be used
      • The estimated cost and quantity
      • The priority ranking from most to least needed resources
    11. At the end of the semester, an Honors Program assessment survey will be emailed to you and your honors supervising faculty member. It is important that you both complete the survey. This is one of the best ways for us to get feedback and suggestions to make the Honors Program even better.
    12. Research involving human or animal subjects must start with a Literature Review Paper written on the topic the first semester. At the end of the first semester, submit all IRB materials to the Honors Program Director. The IRB Material consists of 1) the Second Semester Learning contract 2) Informed Consent Form, 3) Honors Faculty Research  Experience Checklist and 4) Materials specific to the research such as surveys, instrument specifications, software etc. Be sure to complete the IRB section of the Learning Contract and indicate that this is Part II of a two-part or three-part Honors Project.  Once approved by the Honors Advisory Committee, the Honors Program Director will then forwards the material to the IRB committee for their approval. Under no circumstance may a student or faculty member begin contacting subjects or collecting data until full approval from both the Honors Advisory Committee and IRB is received.
  • Honors Project

    There are several different types of projects that you may develop into an honors project. Options are dependent upon the subject area of the faculty member with whom you choose to work.

    The details of each honors project are worked out by you and your honors supervising faculty member when you complete the Honors Program Learning Contract. Each honors project is worth two to three credits. Each credit is worth 51 hours of work. Work may include meetings, research, reading, writing, designing, building, recording, practicing and/or presentations. Over one semester, you'll produce an academically rigorous body of work that allows you to explore a more in-depth topic in your faculty member’s discipline. You may present your completed honors project at the Honors Competition at the end of the semester. The honors project is graded by the supervising honors faculty member at the end of the semester.

    Honors project examples include:

    • Composing new music
    • Conducting research
    • Constructing a website
    • Creating artwork
    • Designing a building
    • Developing a business plan
    • Developing a curriculum project
    • Developing a marketing campaign
    • Developing new mobile apps
    • Inventing a new product or process
    • Planning a major fundraising event
    • Writing a book
    • Writing a literature review


    Developmental and accelerated courses, internships, service learning, study abroad, and experiential learning do not qualify as an honors project. Honors projects are expected to provide challenging learning opportunities for academically outstanding students that will enhance student achievement and success. You and your supervising faculty member are encouraged to be as creative as possible when constructing these intellectually rigorous learning experiences.

    Additional Information

    • You may enroll in more than one honors project within a single semester, but keep in mind that each honors credit is equal to 51 hours of work. You may also enroll in projects in more than one discipline.

    • Your honors project can span across multiple semesters as long as your work each semester results in a product that can be graded as a stand-alone section of the larger project.

    • You are able to do a large project with another student as long as both students qualify for the honors program and the honors supervising faculty member agrees and your individual work on the honors project is easily identifiable.

    • You can do a single honors project for at least two credits that cuts across more than one discipline. Have one faculty member supervise one credit in their discipline and the other faculty member supervise one or two credits in their discipline in the same project. You will need permission from the Honors Program director.

    • If you are not able to complete your honors project by the end of the semester, it may be possible for you to receive an incomplete. Please discuss this with your honors supervising faculty member.

    Withdrawing from an Honors Project

    If you must withdraw from the honors project, you must notify your honors supervising faculty member by email. The faculty member will then forward your email to the Honors Program director and the administrative coordinator of your school to officially drop you from the honors project. You're not officially dropped until you receive a confirmation email from the administrative coordinator of your School. Withdrawing from an honors project is governed by the same refund policies that apply to other courses at Madison College.

  • Important Dates

    General Enrollment and Event Deadlines

    Spring 2018

    01/25/19         DEADLINE TO ENROLL IN HONORS PROGRAM (4:30 p.m.)
                            (Learning Contracts due to Faculty member’s School office)

    02/01/19         Financial Aid Pell Grant Recalculation Date (similar to Date of Record)

    02/01/19         Deadline to submit Faculty Stipend Request Form to Honors Program Director

    02/22/19         Deadline to submit Materials Scholarship Application to Honors Program Director


  • Programs and Faculty

    Below is a list of participating programs, departments and disciplines within the Honors Program and the faculty who have completed the Honors Faculty Workshop. If interested in the Honors Program, please contact a faculty member in your area of study. If you don't see your program or a faculty contact in this list, please contact the Honors Program director.

    Accounting (10-101-801)

    Tim Szmanda, Full-time Instructor, Watertown
    Theresa Laws-Dahl, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Administrative Professional (10-106-801)

    Lynn Baldwin, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Penny Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Christine Yero, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Animation/Concept Development (10-207-801)

    Anthropology (20-809-802)

    George Christiansen IIIArchaeology Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Karen Kettner, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Luke Matthews, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Architectural Technology (10-614-801)

    Robert Corbett, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jessica Klehr, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Astronomy (20-806-806) 

    Dixie Burns, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ryan Doering, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Automotive Technology-Comprehensive (10-602-801)

    Paul Flogel, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    David Heinzen, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Craig Lathrop, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Juan-Antonio Palacios, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Martin Prew, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Steve Wilcox, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Biology (20-806-801)

    Jane Brotski, Part-time Instructor, Watertown
    Kitrina Carlson, Botany Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Betsy Krieger, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Robert Lovely, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Nader Mahdi, Part-time Instructor, Fort Atkinson

    Biren PatelEnvironmental Studies Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Teresa Pelletier, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Gina Piscitelli, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Carl Shuster, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Brian Stephens, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Elise Van Ginkel, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Biotechnology Laboratory Technician (10-007-801)

    Mary Ellen Kraus, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Tom Tubon, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Business and Marketing (10-104-802)

    Carrie Andersen, Full-time Instructor, Fort Atkinson
    Reba Heberlein, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Betty Hurd, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Holly Mercier, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Steve Noll, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Chemistry (20-806-802)

    Nilhan Gunasekera, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jennifer Jackowski, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Alexis Middleton, Full-time instructor, Truax
    Amy Payne, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Christen Smith, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jeannine Szczech, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ken Walz, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Civil Engineering Technology (10-607-801)

    Robert Corbett, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Richard Schneider, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    College Transfer Art (20-815-801)

    Computer Science (20-804-802)

    Ian Falu, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Construction and Remodeling (10-410-801)

    Joel Shoemaker, Full-time Instructor, Commercial Ave
    Sandra Thistle, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Court Reporting (10-170-801)

    Lisa Hubacher, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement (10-504-801)

    Tim Krueger, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Martin Redmann, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Culinary Arts (10-316-801)

    John Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Dental Hygienist (10-508-801)

    Jackie Bacon, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Diane Callahan
    Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Julia Keller, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Susan Kloosterboer, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Marcy LeFave,
     Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Early Childhood Education (10-307-801)

    Kristal Kagy, Part-time Instructor, DTEC
    Karen Natoli, Full-time Instructor, DTEC
    Emily Pink, Full-time Instructor, DTEC

    Economics (20-809-803)

    Richard Shaten, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jennifer Tracey, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Electrical Engineering Technology (10-662-801)

    Grant Emmel, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Andrew Kurth, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Electronics (10-605-801)

    Karl Buschhaus, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jacob Eapen, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Andrew Kurth, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Alberto Rodriguez, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ann Thompson, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    English (20-801-801)

    Paul Barribeau, Full-time Instructor, Watertown
    Laurie Benda, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Cherif Correa, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Gwen Ebert, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    John Galligan, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Matthew Guenette, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Morgan Harlow, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Katie Hartman, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Sarah Z. Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Katherine Lydon, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Kristin Muir, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Jack Opel, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Kevin Piper, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    John Pruitt, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Anna Purnell, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Marty Richards, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Heidi Rosenberg, Part-time Instructor, Watertown
    Mary Sarko, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Jamie Steckelberg, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Carl Stewart, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Catherine Stover, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Marihelen Stoltz, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Tim Twohill, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Christopher Welch, Full-time Instructor, Fort Atkinson & Watertown

    Fashion Marketing (10-104-801)

    Betty Hurd, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Film (20-810-801)

    Franklin Cham, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Finance (10-114-801)

    Tim Szmanda, Full-time Instructor, Watertown

    Fire Protection Technician (10-503-801)

    John SpohnFull-time Instructor, Truax

    Gender and Women's Studies (20-809-807)

    Jenna Behm, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Autumn Behringer, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Dawn Delaney, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Angelika Gulbis, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Julia Haseleu, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Geology (20-806-803)

    Jason Huberty, Part-time Instructor, Truax

    Graphic Design and Illustration (10-201-801)

    Penny Aguilera, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Laura Cherry, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Courtney Dicmas, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Elizabeth Ketter, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Katheryn Kloehn, Part-time Instructor, 
    Michael Kress-Russick, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ingrid Slamer, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Deb Vogt, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    History (20-803-801)

    Christine Cina, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Michael Dubin, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jonathan Pollack, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Joel Ryan, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Hospitality Management (10-109-801)

    Lynea Lavoy, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Human Resources Management (10-116-801)

    Nancy Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Human Services Associate (10-520-801)

    Industrial Maintenance Technology (20-810-802)

    Rob Root, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Interior Design (10-304-801)

    Lisa Nienhaus, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    IT-Mobile Applications Developer (10-152-801)

    Victor G. Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ken Marks, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Caeli Rice, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Lori Rodas, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Paula Waite, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    IT-Network Security Specialist (10-150-801)

    Victor G. Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    IT-Network Specialist (10-150-802)

    Victor G. Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    IT-Systems Administration Specialist (10-154-801)

    Victor G. Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Erik Larrison, Part-time Instructor, Truax

    IT-Web Software Developer (10-152-802)

    Victor G. Johnson, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ken Marks, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Caeli Rice, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Lori Rodas, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Cary Walker, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Paula Waite, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Journalism (20-801-802)

    Terry Bell, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Larry Hansen, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Mathematics (20-804-801)

    Sarah Bannen, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Nataliya Batiya, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Flynn Dustrud, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ian Falu, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jeffrey Havens, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Antonio Hernandez Roman, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Richard Kendrick, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Al Lehnen, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Valerie Maciejewski, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Tony Przbylski, Full-time Instructor, DTEC
    Wayne Sigelko, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Mechanical Design Technology (10-606-801)

    Ryan Ubersox, Full-time Instructor, Truax


    Medical Administrative Specialist (10-106-802)

    Amy Whitcomb, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Susan Peterson, Part-time Instructor, Truax

    Medical Assistant (10-509-801)

    John Otterson, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Rachel Otremba, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Medical Laboratory Technician (10-513-801)

    Susan Bergs, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Sue Blankenheim, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Meeting and Event Management (10-109-802)

    Meteorology (20-806-804)

    Matthew Lazzara, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Music (20-805-801)

    Tim Patterson, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Brian Short, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Nursing (10-543-801)

    Nancy Cederholm, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Mara Eisch-Schweitzer, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Michelle Laseman, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Colleen Ley, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Catarina Poehnelt, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Ruth Rexroat, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Trisha Scanlon, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Dana Schardt, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Occupational Therapy Assistant (10-514-801)

    Darcie Olson, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Paralegal (10-110-801)

    Jody Cooper, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Philosophy (20-809-804)

    Aric Doak, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Joseph Lee, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Laura Osinski, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Peter Trumbull, Part-time Instructor, Truax

    Photography (10-203-801)

    James Wildeman, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Physical Education (20-807-801)

    Jill Jenks, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Dean Thompson, Part-time Instructor, Truax

    Physical Therapy Assistant (10-524-801)

    Wendy McNall, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Physics (20-806-805)

    Ryan Doering, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Archie Paulson, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Political Science (20-809-805)

    Maurice Sheppard, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Psychology (20-809-801)

    Joseph Anistranski, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Justin Aoki, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jenna Behm-Lawton, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Dawn Delaney, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Eugenia Friedman, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Debby Ford-Opperman, Part-time Instructor, Fort & Watertown
    Julia Haseleu, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Susan Hunter, Part-time Instructor, Portage

    Elliot Paletz, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Carola Pfortner, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Radiography (10-526-801)

    Darcy Willis, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Recreation Management (10-109-803)

    Renewable Energy (20-806-807)

    Joel Shoemaker, Full-time Instructor, Commercial Ave
    Ken Walz, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Respiratory Therapist (10-515-801)

    Patricia Montgomery, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Sociology (20-809-806)

    Gloria Agas, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Autumn Behringer, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Chuck Ditzler, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Angelika Gulbis, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Jackie Jebens, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Victor Raymond, Part-time Instructor, DTEC
    Matthew Sargent, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Diane Soles, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Speech and Communications (20-810-802)

    Nancy Stillwell, Part-time Instructor, Truax

    Supervisory Management and Leadership (10-196-801)

    Antonio Molina Rivas, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Surgical Technologist (10-512-801)

    Theatre (20-810-803)

    Miranda Hawk, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Mike Lussenden, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Therapeutic Massage (10-537-801)

    Brenda Frasser, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Amy Nicholson, Part-time Instructor, Truax

    Veterinary Technician (10-091-801)

    Lisa Bach, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Andrea Foley, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Clarissa Sheldon, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    Visual Communications-Media Design (10-206-801)

    Welding (10-442-801)

    Ben Newcomb, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Anton Stute, Full-time Instructor, Truax

    World Languages (20-802-801)

    Carolina Bailey, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Eric Baxter, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Arsenio Cicero Sancristobal, Part-time Instrictor, Truax
    Magdalena Coll-Cabonell, Part-time Instructor, Truax
    Kate GrovergrysFull-Time Instructor, Truax
    Mary HaightFull-Time Instructor, Truax
    Marcelo Touma Portilla, Full-time Instructor, Truax
    Elizabeth Towey, Part-time Instructor, Truax

  • Honors Competition

    As part of the Madison College Honors Program, an Honors Competition is held at the end of the fall and spring semester. Students present their honors projects to members of the Madison College community and a panel of judges. Friends and family are welcome to attend.  

    The panel of judges include faculty, staff, and administrators from across Madison College. The first, second and third place winners receive an award and financial support to present their honors project at the next Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council Conference.

    Honors Competition Judges

Successful Completion of the Honors Program-Medallions

Honors students who successfully complete four to six honors project credits (2 or 3 projects) with a minimum AB average will receive a medallion at graduation or transfer. If you have earned an Honors Program Medallion please send an e-mail at the beginning of your last semester to the Honors Program Director indicating that you are graduating or transferring and have earned your medallion.  All medallions will be awarded at the Honors Competition.



Tuition is charged based on the number of honors project credits indicated on your Honors Program Learning Contract. The tuition cost is the same as for a regular (10- or 20-code) course credit at Madison College. If you have electives in your program or are a Liberal Arts Transfer student you may count honors credits toward your financial aid total.

To determine the tuition amount, multiply the number of honors project credits you plan to take by the 10- or 20-code rate per credit. Check out the current 10- and 20-code tuition rates.

If you are an international student, a veteran, or covered by the federal or state GI bill, please review this important information about Financial Aid for International Students and Veterans.