Madison College District Board approves anti-racism resolution

Madison College District Board Chair Frances Huntley-Cooper.

The Madison College District Board of Trustees has approved a resolution that denounces systemic racism in all its forms and affirms the District’s commitment to Black students and all students of color who have been subject to overt and passive forms of racism. The Board also reaffirmed the college’s mission to serve the evolving needs of all of its diverse communities.


The resolution goes on to state that the District will strive to develop people who practice and uphold the American ideal of equal justice under the law for all people, including Black Americans – citing the police-related deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Tony Robinson.


“An inequitable criminal justice system is just one example of systemic racism,” said District Board Chair Frances Huntley-Cooper. “Racism creates disparities in many areas, including wealth, employment, housing, politics, health care and education.” 


The Board’s resolution proclaims that Black lives matter and systemic racism is a continuing threat to Black Americans and other people of color that is not acceptable and can no longer be tolerated. It says the District will work alongside of those in the struggle to dismantle systemic racism that exists in our educational institutions – including Madison College – and that the effort will need the participation and active involvement of White people.


The Board concludes its resolution by saying Madison College will advance and implement sustainable systems and practices that prepare and support all students with their development and growth.


Madison College serves more than 33,000 students throughout a 12-county district in south-central Wisconsin, offering nearly 180 diverse career programs, diplomas and certificates. Its mission is to provide open access to quality higher education that fosters lifelong learning and success in the communities it serves. Madison College is the second-largest institution in the Wisconsin Technical College System.