Parents and Mentors

Mother and her students talking to a college representative at the Truax Campus

Madison College students come from all over Wisconsin. And beyond! Our student population represents diversity in many forms. We know that as your student’s supporter and mentor, you play a key role in their success.

Job Placement & Transfer Goals

Start a career in two years or less. Madison College graduates have a 93 percent job placement rate within six months. We believe it is never too early to give students hands-on learning opportunities. Your student will learn from instructors who have years of experience in the fields they teach. 

If your student intends to earn a bachelor’s degree, we offer a great place to get started! He or she can choose the liberal arts transfer program that best suits their transfer goals. They will save nearly $13,000 per year (on average) by getting their “gen-eds” out of the way here.

Plus, they will be in good company—we are the #1 source of transfer students to UW-Madison. We offer transfer options with several other four-year institutions as well.

Costs & Help Paying for College

Our tuition is the most affordable in the area. Still, we realize you may need help paying for college. 

Many students receive financial aid, and we encourage you to see what options are available to you. Your student may be eligible for grants and work-study that do not need to be repaid, and/or for loans paid back after graduation. Attend a FAFSA workshop if you and your student need help with the process. 

Scholarships are financial awards you never have to pay back. We urge your student to apply for a Madison College Foundation scholarship. If your student is still in high school, see if they are a candidate for our Scholars of Promise program too.

We will soon launch a textbook rental program that allows students to pay one fee each semester that will cover most of their textbooks for the semester. This new program will save your student hundreds of dollars.

Tutoring, Help & Support

At some point, your student will need help. Rest assured that our student support services have them covered. 

We offer free tutoring at all campuses, including walk-in tutoring for certain subjects at our Student Achievement Centers. 

Early on, your student will meet with an academic advisor who will help them figure out an academic plan including which courses to take. We urge your student to meet with an advisor each semester, especially as they near graduation or college transfer. 

A specialist from Disability Resource Services can help your student receive the accommodations they need to be successful. 

Our career and employment center is here to help students prepare for the workforce. This team holds workshops that focus on essential job search skills like interviewing and resume writing. They are also a great resource for students seeking employment during and after college.

Outside the Classroom

If your student believes that a community college will have limited chances to get involved or to see the world, tell them to think again. 

Student life is active and diverse at Madison College. Your student can choose from more than 60 clubs and organizations to join, just for fun or to learn more about their chosen field. 

There is always something fun happening on campus. 

We also offer study abroad and service trips that allow your student to travel and experience other cultures. Employers often look for the ability to communicate and work with diverse groups of people. Your student will have the opportunity to gain those exact skills. 

Dining Options

Truax Campus offers several convenient places to grab a bite. Our cafeteria offers healthy meals and snacks, along with plenty of comfort food choices. 

If your student needs a little caffeine to get through a busy day, they can stop by the campus Starbucks or Seattle’s Best for a jolt and a snack. 


Every student is eligible for a free Madison Metro bus pass. Students attending our Truax Campus must buy a $25 parking pass. Student parking is free at all other campuses. 

We also offer a campus shuttle for students taking classes at multiple Madison locations. 

Safety & Privacy

Madison College Public Safety officers are available to help students all day and into the evening. Take a look at the services they provide.

What is FERPA?

The Federal Education Right to Privacy Act of 1974 secures your student’s right to privacy. Access to their academic records can only be granted if the student is a minor, or with their exclusive permission. Learn more about FERPA

Health Services

The healthier your student is, the more they can concentrate on school and their future.

Our Truax Campus features a GHC medical clinic that provides basic care and services. Your student does not have to be a GHC member to use these services. 

Every student has free access to our fitness center and pool. Exercise is proven to aid mental and physical well-being. Encourage your student to use these resources. 

Keep in Touch

To get a taste of what life is like at Madison College, join us for a tour of our campus, attend an event or follow us on Facebook.

Thank you for all you do to support your student as they make this momentous life decision.