ATI TEAS Assessment Test

Madison College utilizes the proctored, online ATI TEAS assessment test to place students into various health care programs and Veterinary Technician. This is not used for Associate Degree Nursing. Please refer to your Degree Progress Report to determine if you have already met the testing requirement for your program.

If you have a disability and require testing accommodations, complete the testing accommodations reservation form.

  1. General Info

    The maximum amount of time allotted for the ATI TEAS is 209 minutes (about 3.5 hours). Each section is timed: Reading - 64 minutes; Math - 54 minutes: Science - 63 minutes; English - 28 minutes. Students are encouraged to take a break between the Math and Science portions.

    • Reading (53 questions): Paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension and informational source comprehension.
    • Math (36 questions): Numbers and operations, algebraic applications, data interpretation and measurement.
    • Science (53 questions): Human body science; life science, earth and physical science and scientific reasoning.
    • English and Language Usage (28 questions): Grammar and word meanings in context, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. 

    Testing is offered at the Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg and Truax campuses.

    There are no refunds and no cancellations.

    You can retake the ATI TEAS. There isn't a limit to how many retests you can take, however, you will be charged the $77 fee for each retest. The suggested remediation period is 2 weeks to 30 days.

    If you have taken the ATI TEAS at Madison College, the scores are automatically in your student account. If you have taken the ATI TEAS at a location other than Madison College, you need to submit an official transcript from ATI to the college.

  2. Prepare
    • Prior to taking the ATI TEAS, students are encouraged to use ATI resources and consider purchasing ATI TEAS preparation products. All products can be purchased individually or in packages.
    • We encourage you to prepare for the test before registering. There are no refunds and no cancellations. 
    • You will need to check your program admission requirements to ensure the ATI TEAS  is completed prior to any program deadlines.
  3. Register

    When registering for ATI TEAS choose the Allied Health option. View list of testing dates/times.


    • You will need to create a free account in order to register. To ensure your test results are received by Madison College, please include your seven-digit Madison College student ID number and your date of birth.
    • You will also need to pay the $77 fee for the ATI TEAS  assessment using your debit or credit card on the ATI Testing website at least twenty-four hours prior to your test.

    Important Accommodated Testing Info

    When using testing accommodations, the actual test date and time will be different from what you selected on the ATI TEAS website - that is alright. This allows us to provide you the time and environment you need to successfully complete the exam.

  4. View Results

    To view your results, follow these steps:

    • Log into the ATI websitechoose My Results to view your test scores. Your results are posted approximately 7-10 days from the testing date.
    • Look for the adjusted individual total score. This is your composite score.  Your adjusted individual score for each category will be indicated below. Your scores are valid for 4 years.  

    Madison College has determined individual program benchmarks. Refer to your program admission requirement sheet to determine your results.

    If your scores do not meet the program admission requirement, you can study the Topics to Review information provided by ATI prior to scheduling another ATI TEAS test. You can receive support from the Madison College Library or the Student Achievement Center.

    If you have taken the ATI TEAS at Madison College, the scores are automatically in your student account. If you have taken the ATI TEAS at a location other than Madison College, you need to submit an official transcript from ATI to the college

ATI TEAS Test Policies

  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your test time.
  • Valid photo ID.
  • Cell phones, pagers and other electronics are not permitted in the testing room. Lockers are available.
  • Purses, backpack and bags must be placed in the lockers.
  • There are surveillance cameras within the Testing Center.
  • No children are permitted in the test area.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the testing room.
  • Results are provided onscreen and may be printed with assistance from proctors.
  • Students may take short breaks between the four components of the test.
  • Students, employees and visitors are prohibited from possessing or carrying weapons while in any of the Madison College Testing Centers. This includes on-duty, certified law enforcement personnel in uniform. Law enforcement personnel are asked to schedule test when they are off-duty and not in uniform. This does not include Madison College public safety personnel or authorized instructors from the School of Human and Protective Services.
  • Acts of dishonesty are are subject to disciplinary action.
  • The testing rooms are confined spaces. Please be considerate in your use of fragrance or similar products, as the use of such products may trigger allergic reactions and create health problems.