University Partnership Center

Madison College has longstanding partnerships with accredited four-year universities and colleges that provide our students transfer opportunities to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

The University Partnership Center (UPC) works collaboratively across MATC and with four-year institutions to develop articulation agreements and partnerships for transfer pathways. Madison College welcomes four-year colleges and universities to contact the UPC to explore the development of articulation agreements and partnerships. Information about participating in transfer fairs or reserving advising tables is available through MATC’s Academic Advising and Transfer Services Office.

  • About Articulation Agreements

    Articulation agreements are formal partnerships between two or more college and universities to document the transfer policies for a specific academic major or degree program. The transfer agreement provides a formalized pathway and smooth transition for transfer students. The agreement also details any benefits provided from one institution to the other.

  • Articulation Agreement Benefits

    Articulation agreements ensure that students understand which courses will transfer. With a transfer agreement, students are more likely to make better course choices, thereby saving both time and money. Four-year universities are noticing that transfer students have a high graduation rate, and well-crafted transfer agreements often contribute to a student’s success at the university.

    Additional benefits:

    • Promote curriculum alignment, relevance, and integration
    • Facilitate communication between and among educational institutions
    • Reduce duplication of instruction
    • Expand program content
    • Enhance public relations
    • Assist with recruitment at all levels of education
    • Promote a more unified educational system
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Madison College has articulation agreements with accredited colleges and universities.