Veteran Services

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To schedule a phone or video appointment, download the new Madison College Navigate app, email Veteran Resources or call 608-246-6076. 

Veterans Resource Services empowers student veterans. We provide a space designed to connect vets to campus resources and community partnerships that promote academic, career, employment and personal success. Military connected students can access advising, coaching, benefits assistance, and peer support through the VRS.

If you are new to Madison College, review the new student checklist to get started.

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Madison College earned national recognition as a “military-friendly” Top 10 school and Spouse School.

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Support Services

  • Advising

    Academic Advising’s mission is to connect new and returning student Veterans with programs and services and to help them make informed educational decisions. Our experienced and caring staff advocate for students and are dedicated to improving the student experience at Madison College from the first day through graduation.

    Advisors can help with:

    • Clarifying educational goals
    • Selecting a program
    • Understanding the admissions process
    • Help develop an academic plan
    • Choosing classes
    • Develop strategies for academic and personal success

    The VRS Academic Advisor is located at the Truax campus in the Student Success Center, Room C1450, and can be reached at (608) 246-6076.

    You are encouraged to download the new Navigate App and self-schedule with your assigned advisor. You may also call the Student Success Center at (608) 246-6076 or email us

  • Benefits Guidance & Application Assistance

    Madison College Veteran Resource Services empowers our military community by providing benefits information and assistance with applying for education benefits. Military connected students may be entitled to receive federal and state benefits.

    Meet with our VRS Coordinator/Coach, Allan Locia, to find out what benefits you may be eligible for and how to utilize/maximize your benefits.


  • Counseling

    Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) is a veteran-centered, results-oriented collaboration between the Madison VA Health Care System and higher education. We understand the unique factors facing our veteran students and are here to help with:

    • On-campus enrollment for VA Health Care Services
    • Adjustment counseling
    • Treatment in addictions, PTSD and other mental health issues
    • Requesting academic accommodations through campus disability services
    • Medication management
    • Connecting you to the VA psychiatrist on campus

    The VA-VITAL clinical social worker is located at the Truax Campus in the Student Success Center. Please call (608) 246-6307 to schedule an appointment.

    You may also meet with MATC's Counseling Services department, which offers support and services to ease the transition of returning veterans to life at Madison College.

    When necessary, we also provide referrals to other Madison College and community resources. Counselors can help veterans identify, prioritize and implement strategies to address their specific concerns and challenges. To make an appointment, call (608) 246-6076 or stop by the Student Success Center at the Truax campus.

  • Peer Support

    VRS Peer Support Specialists are here to help you by providing the student perspective as you navigate your way through college.

    We understand that transitioning from the military into higher education is tough. However, you are not alone. We are here to walk with you the rest of the way.

    Peer Support Specialists staff the VRS Center. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact our VRS Coordinator/Coach Allan Locia to discuss a part-time employment opportunity as a VA Work-study Student. Download the VA Work-Study Application Form here.

  • Student Club

    Madison College’s Student Veterans Club is a student group dedicated to advocating for veterans on campus. Our goal is to create a community of student veterans who can network, socialize, volunteer and assist each other as they achieve their educational and career goals. The club seeks to provide:

    • Fellowship for veterans at Madison College and within the local community
    • Social opportunities in a supportive environment
    • Opportunities to engage in volunteer work and service projects

    Allan Locia is the advisor to the veterans club. He is located in the Veteran Resource Services Center, Rm D1620 and can be reached by email or phone (608) 243-4155.

  • Student Success Coaching

    Student Success Coaches use a "guided-discovery" process to help students become active, self-directed, confident learners.

    Meet with a Success Coach to:

    • Engage in a guided-discovery process (personal/social/financial/academic/career growth) 
    • Develop a Personal Education Plan (PEP) 
    • Strengthen study skills 
    • Collaborate with peers in a supportive learning community 
    • Utilize campus resources and programming 
    • Build motivation
    • Maximize self-confidence to succeed 

    You are encouraged to download the new Navigate App and self-schedule with your assigned coach. You may also call the Student Success Center at (608) 246-6076 or email us

  • Veteran Resource Services Center

    Located in room D1620, the Veteran Resource Services Center is the centralized location for military connected students to access advising, benefits assistance, coaching, and peer support. Additionally, the VRS Center provides a lounge/study area, microwave, and refrigerator for student use.

    For more information, please contact our Veteran Resource Coordinator/Coach Allan Locia.  

    Fall and Spring Semester Hours

    • Veteran Resource Services Office
      • Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    • Veteran Resource Services Center - Closed for Spring 2021
    Summer Semester Hours
    • Veteran Resource Services Office
      • Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. as staffing permits
    • Veteran Resources Services Center - TBD
    Veteran services and the VRS Center are not available on holidays, during spring break and other days when classes are not in session



Additional Services

The mission of Veteran Resource Services is to provide academic success and transitional assistance to student veterans.