Achieving the Dream: Year Two


This past year, Madison College began its three-year commitment and work with Achieving the Dream (ATD), a nonprofit organization that helps colleges evolve leadership, equity, learning and more.

The college’s goal is to create changes that lead to more equitable student success in the classroom and beyond.

photo: recent Madison College graduate in cap and gown

Year One Focus

Step one was to take a deep look to identify where “transformational change” was most needed. The Madison College ATD team then narrowed their focus to learn about our most minoritized students and their experience.

Research showed that our most minoritized population is African American and Hispanic male students. They face barriers of all kinds at the college while also dealing with challenges outside our walls.

Year Two Priorities

Priority 1

Identify and address the pre-conditions necessary to cultivate and sustain an inclusive environment that promotes success in the classroom for African American/Black and Latino/Hispanic male students and can be scaled to support success for other marginalized students.

Priority 2

Create a culture of inquiry at Madison College that empowers use of data to foster interventions that create an inclusive classroom experience which promotes success for African American/Black and Latino/Hispanic male students.

Next Steps

Our faculty are our most direct link to our students. We need their insights on what they see, hear and experience in the classroom.

To reach our goals, we need to understand our starting point and the needs we must meet along the way.

Madison College President's Annual Report