Madison College Announces Vice President’s Transition to Key Role at Foundation


Madison College and the Madison College Foundation announce an exciting significant leadership development as Bryan Woodhouse, Vice President of Corporate and Regional Affairs, assumes a pivotal role as Vice President of Development at the Madison College Foundation.

In this new role, Woodhouse will spearhead fundraising initiatives to bolster scholarships and support the college’s ambitious capital plans.

Woodhouse has a distinguished higher education career and a proven track record of success in leadership roles at Madison College, including Associate Dean, Dean, Associate Vice President, and Vice President. He brings a wealth of experience, a deep knowledge of Madison College’s 150 program offerings, and a passion for advancing the institution’s mission. This transition to the Foundation aligns seamlessly with his commitment to promoting accessibility, excellence, and innovation in education.

Headshot of Bryan Woodhouse
Bryan Woodhouse

The Madison College Foundation plays a critical role in securing resources to empower students, ensure their ability to succeed and enhance the overall college experience.

Under Woodhouse’s strategic guidance, the Foundation aims to expand its impact by raising funds to support scholarships to make education more accessible to deserving students. Additionally, he will focus on capital plans that will further elevate Madison College’s facilities, technology, and campus infrastructure.

Tammy Thayer, CEO of the Madison College Foundation, is enthusiastic about Woodhouse joining the Foundation.

“We are thrilled to have Bryan take on this crucial position at the Madison College Foundation," Thayer says. "Bryan’s leadership has been instrumental in the college’s success, and we are confident that he will bring the same level of dedication and innovation to the Foundation. Bryan will be a key connector between the college, the foundation, and our donors.”

Madison College President Dr. Jack E. Daniels expressed his support for the move.

"This transition from the college’s executive leadership team to the foundation aligns extremely well with our goals and our commitment to providing exceptional education and opportunities for our students," Daniels says.

Woodhouse looks forward to taking on his new role in January.

“I am honored to take on this responsibility and contribute to the continued success of Madison College in a new way," Woodhouse says. "The Foundation plays a vital role in shaping the future of our institution, and I am eager to work with our generous donors and supporters to make a lasting impact on the lives of our students.”

The Madison College community looks forward to the positive outcomes from Woodhouse's leadership at the Foundation. This transition reflects Madison College’s ongoing commitment to innovation, growth, and the success of its students.