Marketing instructor talks to media about Twitter fact-checking President Trump


First Twitter fact-checked President Trump's tweets. Now the president has signed an executive order against social media companies.

Madison College marketing and social media instructor Steve Noll recently talked to Spectrum News, Wisconsin Public TV (PBS) and Wisconsin Radio Network about the order, which encourages the Federal Communications Commission to rethink the scope of Section 230, a law that largely shields social media companies from liability over what users post on their sites.


“I think that's an interesting law that should probably be revisited," Noll told Spectrum News. "You know it's a very outdated law and I think the technology world has changed enough to justify a second look at that, but that's not something that's going to be done before the November election.”


Though Noll says the president can't simply shut down Twitter as he has threatened, he told Spectrum News that finding a way to take the company to court seems more likely.