President Daniels comments on U.S. Capitol unrest


Dear Madison College students,

May this note find you safe, healthy and ready for a new year. 

Sadly, the dawn of 2021 was tainted yesterday by appalling acts of hatred, ignorance and utter disdain for democracy. It is disgraceful of those continuing to fuel the flames of hatred and ignorance – devaluing and disrespecting each individual and their inalienable rights – and acting with a wanton disregard for our Constitution.

The breaching of the U.S. Capitol building showed only disregard and a lack of respect for the People’s desires, as demonstrated by their votes. I view these actions as horrible, made all the more so by the fact that such tactics were spurred on by individuals who are supposed to lead and protect us. 

There is a difference between peaceful protest—a hallmark of our democracy—and violent actions meant to overturn election results that have been judged to be appropriate by election administrators of both political parties and numerous judges who hold varying ideologies.

We must be courageous in our words and actions, to ensure that every person is respected and their lives valued. 

It is hard to watch such chaos unfold in our country and within the institutions we hold sacred. I remind every member of our college community that you are not alone. There are resources for you to lean on … counselors, friends, family.

I wish you all peace, understanding and healing.


Jack E. Daniels, III, Ph.D.
Madison College President